Friday, July 30, 2010

Something wicked this way rides

Ever since I started this hobby some 10 months ago I've had a long term goal I have wanted to achieve, yet never had the skill until now to be able to do it justice. So what is that goal you ask? I want to create a bad ass mofo biker using Ork parts to create something a little bit Rat Finkish. A totally non gaming piece of course.

So many months ago I bought a box of Ork Warbikes, mainly with this project in mind but from those parts I was able to create a rune priest bike for my friend (something I note he has yet to paint... looking at you JP! (I will dig up photos of this piece when I can find them lol)).
With that experience under my belt I am approaching my Ork bike with a level of understanding as to what needs to be done and as so far I think he is coming up well.

Now to another topic I wanted to share with you the gaming community, Dremals and other such micro power tools. So often I see people talking about using these devices and yet they do nothing more than drill holes for pinning with them! This is what I use to drill pin holes, anything more is just wrapping!!

Instead I use my power tool with a bevy of grinding, coring and mainly engraving bits to create my models and conversions. If you do decide to go down this path I highly recommend getting an extension cord (as shown here, not for you electricity) this allows me to work with the bit as if it was a pen, otherwise your constrained to hold a very tiny bit of plastic in one hand and a large heavy whirring spinning piece of sharpened metal in the other... last time I checked this came under the "Bad Idea" category, but hell if a night getting acquainted with your local emergency room staff is your idea of fun by all means go for it.

Anyway the Ork Biker will be finished and ready for paint in the next day or two, In the mean time enjoy the pics and as always, Good Gaming :D