Saturday, July 13, 2013

Vikings Part 3

Shield-frame will be smashed,
the maid’s eyes flash across this district at the thanes’ maimer, sword-lord. 
There’ll be for all soldiers,
for each man here many a spear, before the great storm
of steel appears.
"The Saga of
Half & his Heroes

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Reaver Titan - Fourth Post

Tremble foes of man for the wrath of the Omnissiah is upon you.

Say what you will about GW but for everything they aren't Forgeworld is! Having just received my certificate from them this morning for my Reaver Titan express post, Gratis mind you! I am again reminded how they will go out of their way to help the hobbyist!

In other news the Titan build plods along, with whole sections ready for assembly it now falls to me to design and build a terrain for it to stride upon, once I have the ground work down I will have the legs built forthwith and in my next post I will cover this in full, until then Viva Le Forgeworld, Viva Le MCCXXVII.

In so much space

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Reaver Titan - Third Post

So work continues on with the Reaver, while mostly in the planning phase there has been a little action.For the most part I spent the week planning on how to make a screw action for the waist joint, while at the same time removing unwanted flash and repairing miscasting (of which there was a bit on some parts but none really major)

So having planned it it was time I did it! The original idea comes from the guys over at Blue Table painting, I merely put my own spin on it. spin... screw... oh I crack myself up.