Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wednesday Tactics

Grey Knights and Halberds

I really like this article over at Prometheus at war  prometheus at war  I really like the view he has on halberds, ill admit ive armed some of my interceptors with halberds but I really do see his rationals here against equipping them with Halberds.

Check the article over here ok look nfw halberds are not as great as you think

While I think against DE which I'm facing allot lately having the initiative advantage is important and the other is taking down and winning combats against furious charge blood angels - yep thats what everyone else is running!

Anyway have a read and post up what you think!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Weekly WIP

So this week saw some gaming 3 small 850 games on Friday-  earlier on monday night a 1500 point game against eldar and on the sunday counting backwards 2 games one against blood angels with gabriel seth and one against Grey Knights a draigo wing list.

So the games went well and on the friday night games i found and then fell in love with the purgation squad. If your reading the blog on a regular basis you'll notice on wednesday i started another regular post - The Wednesday tactics post.

So after reading through the article myself I thought heck Purgation squads lets see what they can do. Sure the 24 range can be limiting but! as the article discusses man they can unleash a huge amount of pain- in 2 of the 3 games they played so well- and even in the 3rd game they still caused 6 penetrating hits and 4 glances - it was just the dice gods who saw my opponent save all the cover saves all 10 of them!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Wednesday Tactics

So Im not the best tactician - in fact i think half the time I win by pure luck!

But in the past I've come across some pretty nice tactical articles in forums and etc so I figure im going to replicate some of the interesting ones ive read.

Im going to keep the theme to grey knights for the next few articles. The 1st one is about Purgation squads by Hero of Coffee on the Heresy online forums Purgation Squads .

It got me thinking and infact ive re-arrganged my 1200 point list to included these guys 16 Str 7 shots a turn?  Me thinks its worth it !

Im thinking an incinerator/psycannon combo with a land raider for higher points.

Anyway here is the article enjoy:

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Mid week Rant

So here they come!

Over on Blood of Kittens network there was an interesting article on the nature of the new codex and its main theme: its like tactics mat ward and his necron dreams the white dwarf .

Its very interesting - the emphasis on the shooting is really clear- and down at our LFGS there has been allot of discussion about the shooting abilities.  Of course the matt ward element has been discussed .

I think we will see this army being a real challenge to face if you intend sit and castle- I think counter attack space wolf lists that are reliant on long fangs. Guard may have challenges considering some of the interesting abilities that are being kicked about.