Thursday, July 15, 2010

Introducing the Army; Part 1...

Well i thought it a good idea to start introducing the existing models from my collection today. I have painted well over 2000 points of CSM to date, and have slowly started work on a Blood Angels based chapter (which im guessing i'll post up here too ;) ), So before I get around to showing off work in progress shots here is a taste of some of the works already complete!

As you can see ive used the Lukas the Trickster model as a counts as Kharn the Betrayer, and now he is known as Lukas the Betrayer :D

The next piece is Skoll Sunchaser, named after one of the wolves of norse mythology and with the release of the new Demon Prince plastic box I think i will also add Hati Moonchaser into the army :) I would like to add that my Best friend painted this piece for me as I was running behind schedule for a tournament and that the photo does it no justice.
Last but not least in the triumvirate of HQ's that i field is the Greater Daemon, Fenrir the Wolf at Worlds End. This piece is lovely i will admit and usually garners it fair sure of oohhs and ahhs when im out gaming! to answer your question (the same everyone asks) no, this is not a Games Workshop model, Yes i know that means i cant play it at some tournaments, no i dont care and the model was made by a company known as Rackham :P

I will update soon with the Troops of the army and maybe some others!

Von Drakin.