Monday, July 19, 2010

Preparing for Killcount!

Just a quick update today, I'm finishing off some details for a 1750 point 2 day tournament this weekend like the display board featured below and other minor details. (for some reason the blog software wont let me put this picture in upright... oh well)

Additionaly im painting up the objective markers for my mates army as he is running late and quite frankly I owe him one for the Daemon Prince he painted for me! (i'll post some pics of that tomorrow)

Anyway here is my 1750 army list im taking this weekend, its a solid list which seems to win more often than not but it has yet to face Eldar or Orkz but im confident I can bring the pain :D

Kharn the Betrayer
Daemon Prince (wings, mark of khorne)

Chosen (asp. champ, 3 Melta, 2 flamer, Icon Chaos Glory, Rhino)

10 CSM (asp champ, Power weapon, Melta, H.Bolter, Icon Chaos Glory, Rhino, Havoc Launcher)
9 Khorne Berzerkers (asp champ, Power fist, Rhino)
10 Lesser Daemons

Fast Attack
5 Raptors (asp champ, Lightning claws, Melta, Icon of Khorne)

Heavy Support
Defiler (+1 close combat arm, Heavy T/L Flamer)
2 Obliterators

Total of 48 Models, 13 killpoints, 3 scoring units and plenty of pie plates :D

Feel free to drop comments on what you think, Bearing in mind that its meant to be hard but no too hard. If I win at least 1 game i'll be happy!

Btw, if you like the display and want to know how it was made drop me a line, I may do a step by step for it later when I have the time but it was ridiculously easy in the end... !