Friday, August 27, 2010

The Joys of Diecast

Well let me just start and say Diecast miniatures are some of the loveliest models about, so much wonderful detail. So it should come as no surprise to you then to know that I'm planning on using a few of these to supplement the plastic kits im using for my new army "The Forsaken".

However as wonderful as they are it can be a love/hate relationship. Diecast when its already the way you want it great... but god help you when you want convert the blasterd things... an hour later, much stuffing around and a nice gash in my right thumb and here you can see the fruits of my labour.

Now my problem was a distinct shortage of "Beakie" helmets. As the first Assault marine squad is going to be visually identifiable by those helmets I found myself having to keep the metal one off this mini. Now i have spoken before on the power a hand tool like a Dremal can be and I tell thee that without it I wouldnt have even attempted this. In addition I used whats known as a razor saw (the culprit for my wounded thumb) as well as a X-acto knife and what ever else came to hand at the time.

As with a lot of my pics this is high res, so click away if you want a closer look... and yes that guy on the far right now has the Diecast head!
Anyway the first squad has for the most part got its base colours down, everyone is now assembled (bar a few jump packs left off for ease of painting) and I shall soon have these guys up to scratch painting wise, in the mean time here is a WIP shot of the squad to date!

Good Gaming! 

Monday, August 23, 2010

Thats just too Bad...ab

Wow, its about time Games Workshop or at they very least their affiliate Forgeworld took the time to finally cover in detail what I feel is the best fluff in the 40K universe. Now some people claim Horus Heresy as the bomb, others like Vraks ( heres looking at you Sons of Taurus :p ) but in my opinion its the Badab war that holds the most grip for me. Its new, its gritty, its Space Marine vs Space Marine, its the birth of one of the most bad ass chaos villains and its realistic. A planetary system doesn't want to Tithe to the yoke of an oppressive yet unsupportive distant overlord empire, as a result the empire launches and investigation and they fight back.(just as an aside, has anyone stopped to ask what the hell exactly is "Gene Seed"... last time i checked the only "Seed" I know of that contains Genes isnt exactly something im rushing out to aquire...)

Now I think my modelling reflects my attitude towards Heroes, Anti-Heroes and Villains, and let it be noted for the record that if anything has a real dark villain, then god help me thats what i want to do... I had a wonderful child hood, i wasnt beaten much (except for caning Tuesday's) and well quite frankly was a happy go lucky child who has always rooted for the bad guy. Its a video game, im playing the bad guy, board game the same... reading a book I want the bad guy to win or at least get even. So I founded the Astral Wolves to slate my thirst for evil doers, A chapter founded by Huron Blackheart. Now I find myself doing an ex Lamentars chapter who are still siding with the bad guys (loosely, its complicated) who are affiliated with Huron Blackheart... a week later they release the news about IA:9 and a pretty picture of Lufgt Huron. Obviously they have been monitoring my weekly spend and have decided that I personally have not bought enough models...

Lastly its my birthday next week, im turning the big 30... so what are you getting me HUH! but in all seriousness the blog may or may not get some new model pics before but certainly after as I know im getting at least 3 kickarse models... YAY!

Until then,

Good Gaming

High Elves Oh My!

So while Im waiting for the release of IA9 and the host of amazing models from Forgeworld (pretty much decided the next part of the army will be Forgeworld for everything but the tanks) I decided to revisit the very 1st Gw system I played.

But as a quick note OMG OMG OMG badab war anyone!

Way back in 1995 I was given Warhammer the box set,  very quickly I built a empire army and a dwarf army.  I then in 1998 I went to the UK on a holiday to visit Family and came home with a huge amount of Wood Elves that caused security at Heathrow to think I was trying to smuggle something illegal out of the UK. The image of an 18 year explaining what they where to two very large security guards while two other guards with machine-guns stood buy still makes me laugh, I was saved by a staffer who played Warhammer and he was able to explain all this metal in my backpack :P

Those armies are gone now, they where sold off or donated to others as I delved more and more into historical  wargaming with my Napoleonic's.  But lets be honest who could ignore the current push by GW and aside from all the marketing hype that GW is pushing, you have to admit that the new models are really amazing, from a production point of view.  To me the high elves really struck a chord with me so I decided to take a closer look at the range in whole and I have to say I was not surprised at the quality.  Im hoping in the long run the amazing production values that GW put into the plastic ranges they have is replicated in the rest of the industry.

To be honest I know that allot of people including me are never really happy with some of the prices GW charge but I guess you pay for quality, and say what you like about the rules and yeah they have some serious moments of WTF ! the models they produce are amazing.

I have only one gripe right now about the Australian chains and is the shift to mail order for allot of the metal ranges.  I have to say I'm frustrated about the fact that the front line shops don't stock  allot of the metal models in blister form. Now I may be spoilt as Eureka Miniatures which I use for Historical gaming has their whole range available for me to browse through  not 10 minutes from my door, but I think it royally sucks that I cant go down and pick up a model I've been looking at on the net from their retail store.

ANYWAY I digress,  so I painted a High Noble and by george I liked It here are some shots of the 1st tester model.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Oh no more lemmings... no wait those are rats!

So with the upcoming release of the Island of Blood boxset my best friend has expressed a desire to start square basing... I dont know, is that a new dance? do I have to learn to do the nutbush?

Really the similarity's between Lemmings and Skaven are scary... 
all jokes aside I have to admit im really digging the Skaven which is handy cause my mate likes the elves... with some upcoming new additions in the works for the Astral Wolves, a whole army to prepare and paint (The Forsaken) and an Ork army in the pipe line will Fantasy ever be able to get a grip on me? Only time will tell if painting what will be an ever growing horde of little brown guys will be a good idea...

A rose by any other name.

Well its been a little quiet around these parts for a couple of weeks now, with sporadic posts, few game reports and what has been very little model painting done (procrastination thou art thine sinister foe) and all this due to the demands that full time study, part time work and full time goofing off...

But im not here to wail and moan, instead lets talk about the hobby! All this while ive been plotting, thinking and well... just musing on what to do about my newly forming codex Blood Angels force im creating. So far I know im going with a blood red and light grey quarter theme utilising the Templar symbols as a quasi Crusade knights templar based chapter... But what to name them... what fluff? what theme should I run through the army and how can I get the blighters to not die every time I play them.

Well first off the name. Now this can either be easy or hard, Sometimes you can look at an army/colour scheme and think "I'll call them the Arse Kickers of Steel Toe 9" and be done with it... in fact thats pretty good... Right well that was easy... Oh no wait I wanted theme or something...

So ive found myself looking at my list for inspiration, As a basic rundown im going with a fast strike force comprising of;
Bikes, Jump Infantry, Land Speeders, Winged Heroes and a Storm Raven in a pear tree.
So its blood angels and im not putting in bloody Death company... On top of this Ive been trying to think of ways I could get my new army to field on table with the Astral Wolves for 3k-4k games at apoc level, A feat which has been proving harder than I thought. So I backtracked my history, the Astral Wolves are founded by Huron Blackheart, who is the Tyrant of Badab. during that war he was allied with the Lamenters. Now the Lamenters were forgiven by the Emperor and paid penance in the form of a hundred years of crusading but were rumoured to have been wiped out to the last by hive fleet Kraken at the battle of Devlan.

Now here comes my part to this long story.

"The Lamenters were outcasts in the imperium long after they had been forgiven by the Emperor for their sins during the Badab war, in their quest for atonement they drove themselves to ever greater feats to prove to each other and to the galaxy that they were deserving. However at the battle of Devlan they were left for dead, no other chapter would come to their aid, battered and beaten they escaped from that death world from hive fleet Kraken on the badly damaged Strike Cruiser 'Tempest's Faith'. Since that day they have realised that the Emperor left them to die on Devlan, in their darkest hour they swore revenge on that false God, they have sworn to rid humanity of his curse and rise the empire of man back to its former glory. As such they have taken up the cross of a Holy Crusade and the colours of Blood and Purity. Blood for the mortal nature of man and Purity to rid the universe of the plague of the Emperor. In keeping with their roots they kept only the yellow helmets of the Lamenters and are now known only as ' The Forsaken'."

So its a work in progress and as of this moment the mad ramblings of a man sleep deprived but its a start! The Forsaken will be crusaders and in keeping with the purity of the Lamenters unable to field Death Company. At this time they are a ravaged chapter, unable to field heavy weapons like tanks and land raiders and will rely on speed to achieve thier goals. They have no homeworld but rely on their Priests to take the truth to the universe on convert the willing to the cause. In keeping with the Badab War and their unaffiliated status they will thusly be able to ally with Huron Blackheart who they now see as the oracle who forsaw the downfall of their once idol. They can strike anywhere at any time in the hopes of bringing the truth to the worlds the touch and have been known from time to time to join forces with renegade chapters to achieve their goals.

Currently the forces of The Forsaken will number only the 1st company (1750pts) and will be comprised of
Chapter Master (Reclusiarch on bike)
Bike squad (4 bikes, 1 sergeant, 1 attack bike)
Sanguinary Priest x2 (one on bike the other with Jump pack)
10 Assault Marines x2
Librarian in termi armour
Furiso Dreadnought
Honour Guard
Stormraven gunship

For a total of 37 models. From there I will build them up to 2500pts later down the track, maybe with another Storm raven (which I have something very individual planned for, more on that later)
If this army works well on the table I will be surprised but heres hoping :P

Until Next time,
Good Gaming!

Friday, August 13, 2010

The fine art of Dirty Hammer

Well up until 10 minutes ago I thought this term to be purely for gaming purposes... boy was I wrong! I highly recommend you dont google "Dirty Hammer" unless your up for the more... liberal.
Anyway im here to talk about our favourite social past time (not that one!) and where the line falls between competitive play and down right dirty tricks. At what cost do you place winning?

Now recently I played at a local tournament to good effect, finishing in the top 15 and all with friendly play. But being nice across the table didnt mean I was nice on the table, to be fair I did not play any tactics that would have been considered down right nasty that day. Has this stopped me from playing those tricks in the past and had those self same things down to me before? Hell no!

Let me clarify for a moment what is meant by "dirty tricks", for instance loading dice, affecting dice rolls by "dropping" the dice or any other form of dice manipulation is in my book not on. The great gods of probability frown down upon those who try to turns fates hand, if the dice arnt going your way that day then so be it. Rule manipulation is also a no no, telling someone the wrong thing about your army to gain an in field advantage is just low, in my books thats grounds to never play that person again (and I realise that at times your bound to get the rule mixed up as long as you learn, apologise or clarify at the time thats ok) but gaunts do not have rending and dreadnoughts do not take shooting hits always on front armour.

I personally am one of the gamers that appreciates the sublime, continuously thinking of ways to achieve tactical surprise in an element that shows all your cards on the table from the get go. Its a method of making your opponent focus on something to such a great extent that the little things fall from their vision (go go chaos raptor's!). Im sure all of you have had that sneaky rhino contest an objective at the end of a game and if anyone played against the Doom of malantai pre faq (about time) you will know what a dirty trick entails.

So where do we draw the line? when does a finely tuned army become a block of cheese? Ive seen my mate go through those moments of roller coaster emotions during a game when you thought you had the win in the bag, only to realise that due to a tactical error on the part of misdirection or being in the moment that they have not only not won but are about to suffer a loss, recoup to a draw and then lose. I admit that im a hard player at times, I have studied strategy, tactics and battlefield deception for many years and attempt to apply them to the game, but at times I feel perhaps the loss would have been the morally better place to stand. As I said to a friend I was teaching the game to the other day "These tactics will win you games not friends"

So where do you all stand? Is it the win that drives you? Will you play dirty to get that sense of pride? would you rather play a straight down the line game and walk away the prouder?

Feel free to share your experience's playing or being played, your favourite units for sneaky and anything else you may think relevant.

Good gaming!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Homage to Ed "Big Daddy" Roth!

So you might wonder why your looking at a picture of Ratfink riding a chopper...Well needless to say I couldnt help myself when I saw the Ork Warbikers... I hope I can do Big Daddy proud with this one!

So as you can see its still very much WIP, The handlebars are yet to be finished and wont be until the rider and seat area are finished so I can glue him in place and GS the handle bars into the correct position, However there is already a multitude of ye olde GS in place already, but Im not going to say where ;) see if you can spot it!
I will say ive been messing around with my camera and light setup recently, so some pics im taking now are better and some are still fuzzy, bear with me as I iron out the kinks.

Now as Im on the subject of bikes and I did promise to post some pics of a special bike I did for my friend a while back!
As they say "If you love it, set it free. If it loves you, it will come back to thee". Truer words have never been spoken, I love bikes and this one was both a pain and a treat. Wouldnt you know it im now the one doing a bike wing and this beauty has come back to me! Of course there are some finishing touch's that need to applied but until the Roth special is done it will have to wait. In the mean time enjoy the other angles of what will be a Blood Angels Librarian (or Reclusiarch, not sure which yet) in my new army!

Before I leave you for this installment that Big green bikie needs a name, left to my own devices im sure he will end up with a suitable one but in the mean time I find myself open to suggestions, so drop them in if your so inclined and if I find them fitting your name could be written onto the base of the diorama when he is done!

Good Gaming!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Bah Humbugs

So I find myself looking at the blog, staring at a screen with nothing to show... Oh I have a WIP bike that im in the process of painting, but that evil trinity of dastardly villains known as Life, Uni and Work have kept me from it! needless to say i plod slowly along and will have something actually worth showing soon never fear.

In the mean while, I found myself testing Blood Angel lists out with my mate Jon-Paul the other day... what a motley game that was. No, I took no pictures of that frankenstein match! Khorne Berzerkers as jump troops... and all. Sheer crazyness, why next i will twirling in circles!

All nonsense aside however that day has taught me some valuable lessons, Chiefly fluff wise the Blood Angels suck as thematic army. Oh thats right those paramours of humanity, saviours of our souls the Blood Angel were always meant to be about Hit and Run tactics, guerrilla warfare and mighty battalions of terminators marching silently across the battle field. But what do I find, the pervasiveness of 5th edition strikes again and if you dont take the bloody steel box's with the men your pushing shit up hill.

On the plus side Jp discovered that its the other way round, you take the men with the steel box's and POW. Fast moving Tanks and a Baal predator with a scout move... Now I will gladly appreciate it if anyone can explain to me how (and feel free to comment if this is wrong) a main battle tank can move 18" (fast scout move) on the battlefield without ANYONE at all noticing and saying "My that looks like a very large well armoured and obviously heavy main battle tank with engines screaming heading towards spewing fire from its every pore!"

So fast tanks win the day in my opinion, We played two test games, one with an experimental list that i knew would be a stretch to really perform (which it didn't... oh dear lord it didn't) and a second game with a few minor changes (mainly a bike squad and some attack bikes courtesy of Jp for the change) that I won by... well being a really sneaky shit. Seems im good at being sneaky, seems to win me games more often than not... but I try to keep anything dodgy to minimum but use good old diversion tactics. If it wasn't for that, then the second game would've been a close loss but still a loss.

Where does this leave me, Well im tempted to buy about 150 ork boyz and just say Bah Humbugs to it all, but im commited to making this templar list, its a bloody dream ive been trying to achieve and im going to do it. If i ever relent it will be to put three furiso dreadnoughts in the army and damn the fluff to hell.

If by some chance your at all interested in my lists (Blood Angels or my reasonably successful Chaos) then email me at or drop a comment here and I will be more than happy to accommodate you. Until then,

Good Gaming!

A few Proxy Games to test out the Blood Angels

So today was a Proxy game to mess around with the Blood Angels Codex, Harley and I decided to take two very different Lists from the same codex.  I went with a mechanized force comprising of Death Company, 2 assault marines in razorback with a Vindicator and a Baal Predator as well as some Sanguinary Guard, backed up with a Reclusiarch and a Librarian.

Harley took a host of Jump Packs and some Landspeeders.

The 1st Game saw me take an aggressive stance while Harley looked reserve most of his forces.  With fast moving units I took the central position and dug in.  I pretty much owned from there on it, picking his forces apart in detail.

2nd Game with some advice from myself he changed his list up to include bikers and attack bikes.

This game was significantly closer with him winning out very closely by one objective.

Suffice to say I really like the Mech Blood Angels, and Im considering them for the 2nd Strike force for 1st company.  Fast Vindicators and Baal Predators are fantastic, Sanguinary Priests are nice, with the FNP bubble and Death Company Im iffy about hard to control once they are out. So with some consideration on what I like to play with in general here is the current planned list for the 2nd strike force.

The Current List Im messing around with Is as follows for 1750


With Blood Lance and Smite

Honour Guard
Blood Champion, Sanguinary Novitiate, 3 Honour Guard with 1 storm shield, 1 ThunderHammer and 2 Power weapons in a Razorback with Las/Plas Upgrade and Dozer Blade


Sanguinary Priest with Power Weapon

Furioso Dreadnaught with Blood Talons, Meltagun and Heavy Flamer Drop Pod

10 Assault Marines, with Powerweapon, Storm Shield Meltagun, Meltagun in a Rhino

5 Assault Marine, with Powerweapon, Storm Shield Meltagun, in a Razroback with Las/Plas Upgrade

8 Assault Marine with Powerweapon, Storm Shield Meltagun, in a Rhino

Fast Attack

Baal Predator Flamestorm Cannon and Heavy Bolters

2 Attack Bikes with Multi Melta's

Heavy Support 

Vindicator with Siege Shield

Modeling Plans 

Honor Guard 

Two things to drive consistency with the over army scheme will be the Plumes on the Blade Masters in the 1st strike force as above.

Plan is to use the Crusade Armor variants from Forge world as above with Plumes combined with Grey Knight Nemesis Force Weapons as the Power Weapon options,  to be consistent the Thunder Hammer will need to be as similar but I haven't sourced that yet.  One thing is that the backpack will change to the more modern variant.

The Sanguinary Novitiate and Sanguinary Priest are going to look more like apothecaries when I'm done with them, representing the Priests of the Uhlfen Temple.

Assault Marines

At this stage the I'm liking the look of the new Mk4 Armour from Forgeworld but with them releasing something about every 2 weeks around the older Armor variants ill Hold on the final call.

One is for Certain is that the Sergeants will get the Nemesis force weapons and Storm Shields from Scibor Miniatures using the celtic shield as the option, they at 18mm in size so they wont overtake the model. 


Well its a Furioso but Im going to look at more from a perspective of A warrior fulfilling his Oath of Glorious Death on the battle Field so Im going to use the Chaplain Dread from Forge World, as a contrast to the 1st Strike force Dread which is more a revered Commander Im thinking the fluff will be a hero of the chapter who took oaths of revenge against the renegades who killed him.  Im thinking  Lord Haldor returns to revenge his death. 

So that will be the 40k project for post september. 

It was always my plan to have an apocalypse force made of two codex's and i think the wolf and angels codex compliment each other. granted both armies are Mechanized but as a whole company the 1st army represents the new Initiates into the company those who have not mastered the way of the Uhlfen, thus only the sergeants have the ability to generate allot of attacks and represent something of what the older more experienced 2nd Strike Force represent.  That force also gets the Companies Improved Vehicles to achieve their desire to meet in hand to hand combat.  So while one pat of the army would strike forth seeking combat the other element support with sustained fire and the ability to react to other events on the battle field. 

Seeing as the 1st Force of 1750 is nearly finished the 2nd Force will be the focus soon enough. 

Friday, August 6, 2010

Work In Progress Update

Well after a two week hiatus on painting I've started working on some guys for Eastcon.  The list has changed up a little with the inclusion of another Rune Priest and toned down wolf guard and a vindicator (I've bought and made it just need to paint it!)

I also updated the squad leader figures with an idea I had been messing around with but did not have time to implement before kill count.

Aside from painting I've had a few games since the campaign game against some Tau and Sisters of Battle.  All in all hasn't been a good two weeks for the dice again, though I think thats a current theme for the month!
Beating the Tau Player though was a surprise but I feel that my scouts had something to do with it! Fighting the sisters of battle was the tough one but I don't play them often so I was not really across how to counter them nor what they can do.  That being said the game was close but he got me in the end with a Land raider that I just couldn't kill.

On top of all that as bonus time comes round I'm now trying to decide what army to do next and I have to 1st say it will be a Forgeworld army.  It will either be Death Korp Of Krieg or.....

And I have to say these guys are winning on the drool factor!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Glorious Defeat!

Today Harley and I began a campaign to add something more to the game than just random games.

We played using sons of Taurus campaign.  The 1st mission was "decent of angels" from the battle mission book on page 68.

1st turn saw me coming on looking to stun immobilize as much as possible, and saw myself only able to nuke a squad of raptors.  Facing harley is always a challenge and you need an early success that gibs his finely tunes army. It was not to be.  He returned the favour by gibing a razorback, taking out a melta gun and stunning a predator.  The mission hurt my heavy weapons squad as I had to walk them on.  They really help in the open barrage usually and make a huge difference to the opposing force so seeing 3 of them taken out without firing in anger hurt as well.

My gut was telling me that this was going to be a bad afternoon for the dice again....

2nd turn

The dread that dropped in on turn one moved to eliminate the defiler which it did with little trouble,  remaining fire immobilized the two rhino's but with half my long fangs gone and the predator neutralized my fire from the base line was limited. The Vindicator did fire but was marginal helping in the immobilization of the rhino's.

Kharn attacks my dread and they met in a glorious fight of ancient vs traitor, kharn basically disarmed him but the force of the Aincents attack caused two wounds on him which he failed to save, turn 3 would see the inevitable destruction of the dread.

3rd turn

Reserves arrive. scouts come on and fail to do much to his vindicator, I spy an opportunity for my wolf guard and 2nd rune priest to attack.  But they fail to do the job on the chosen and in Harleys turn they get gibbed by demons and the chosen.  Kharn charges one of my rhino's and blows it up but takes in the crotch at the same time.

The predator dies to the berserkers and then things basically take a nose dive.

The remaining turns pretty much add insult to injury, there where a few chances to redeem myself but in the end this was pretty much all sowed up for harley.

So lessons.

Sigh I messed up deployment again, and gave away some easy points.  I let my advantage trickle out of my hands and gave a good player an opening that I really shouldn't do.  Given Harley's army and its fantastic synergy meant that he was able to capitalize on my mistakes and mute my strong elements.

In the end I have to give it to Harley he played very well, and I failed to deploy correctly.  Suffice to say I still smacked him around with the Kill points showing a reasonable parity till the last 3 turns.

Anyway onto the next game the grudge grows !

First blood!

Well today Jon-Paul's Ulhfen Templars and my Astral Wolves made a start on the campaign system as described in Sons of Taurus's blog seen here  and here. First of all I would like to thank Sons of Taurus for this system of which will be attempt to complete a full campaign.

Anyway we started on the mission "Decent of Angels" which was basically "Surprise Attack" from the Battle Missions book (page 68) and played to a 1750 points limit.

So this saw myself deploying everything first (barring the lesser daemons which have to deepstrike) into the middle of board 6" apart from one another. With JP being able to drop pod assault and come in from every board side I decided to deply heavy to one side with the Vindicator off to the side, the Defiler in the middle with the chosen and marines and Kharn with Khorne zerkers near the vindicator. The obliterators went into high ground on top of a very tall building, finally the Daemon Prince and the Raptors went on my far left as what was I hoped to be a tasty morsel to bring JP in from that side.

JP got first turn, and lo he did come in from my left with almost everything, the Dreadnought dropped into the middle of the board near my Defiler. The Raptors proved to be adept at failing saves so died first turn in a hail of bullets, I had hoped they could hold out a little longer to still be a nuisance but oh well. So my turn, The Defiler managed to kill 3 Long fangs with the battle cannon, The Daemon Prince jumped into close combat and wiped out a razor back with a 6 on the damage table, killing the melta gunner in the unit to boot!

Turn 2, Jp gets no reserves. The Daemon Prince takes 2 wounds to torrents of fire and the Dreadnought charges the defiler getting several penatrating hits resulting in a 5 (wreck) so no more love for the defiler! Also he managed to immobilise the Berzerkers and Marines rhino's. My turn and my reserves also don't come on, I get the the chosen to melta the drop pod for an easy kill point, I then jumped the Daemon Prince into combat with the remaining Long Fangs/Rune Priest and Kharn goes toe to toe with the Dreadnought. The Daemon Prince takes 1 from the rune priest wound but kills 2 long fangs and gets a wound on the rune priest aswell , Kharn with his splendid hits on a 2+ against a model with a WS value gets two weapon destroyed results on the Dread taking away his close combat arm and assault cannon, however the dreadnought still got 2 attacks back at strength 6, so no instant death or power weapon hits yet for all that Kharn fails both saves and takes 2 wounds!

Turn 3. Jp's reserves all come on, the scouts outflanking near my vindicator and his second drop pod coming down near my chosen, The scouts couldnt make the 6" for double pen on my vindicator but still get a penatrating hit which thankfully only shakes it. In a turn of good luck he is unable to crack the chosen's rhino leaving his command squad high and dry. In the close combat round both the Daemon Prince and the rune priest die and Kharn eats the Dreadnought for brekkie. In my turn I get my lesser daemons come on and drop them next to the chosen and Jp's command squad, I get the Chosen out and into firing positions to score 14 flamer hits and 3 melta gun hits on the command squad, resulting in 4 dead wolf gaurd. I get my Khorne Berkzerkers to charge Jp's dakka pred and power fist it to death, the lesser daemons and the chosen charge the command squad and Kharn charges a full rhino which funnily enough results in a 6 on the damage table killing 4 marines inside and Kharn!

Turn 4 and 5 at this stage went by pretty quickly, with very little left on the table to attack in turn 4 the scouts die and in turn 5 Jp's Vindicator manages to blow my Vindicator away!

At the end of the game however it was a win for Chaos and Khorne! The Astral Wolves 19 kill points to the Ulhfen Templars 15 kill points. While my guys had the advantage in this game by only having a 22 KP's up to offer to Jp's 26 I did get lucky by not losing my heavy hitters in turn 1. I would say that this scenario is Imperial favoured to the most part but as both of us have played each other countless times it was still a bloody and hard fought battle which couldve gone either way right up to the very end.

Next time we shall be playing the mission "Storm the barricades" which is a modified "Trench warfare" from the battle missions book page 46.

Well played Jp, your skulls have appeased the Blood God, but who knows for next time, he is a fickle master!