Monday, August 23, 2010

High Elves Oh My!

So while Im waiting for the release of IA9 and the host of amazing models from Forgeworld (pretty much decided the next part of the army will be Forgeworld for everything but the tanks) I decided to revisit the very 1st Gw system I played.

But as a quick note OMG OMG OMG badab war anyone!

Way back in 1995 I was given Warhammer the box set,  very quickly I built a empire army and a dwarf army.  I then in 1998 I went to the UK on a holiday to visit Family and came home with a huge amount of Wood Elves that caused security at Heathrow to think I was trying to smuggle something illegal out of the UK. The image of an 18 year explaining what they where to two very large security guards while two other guards with machine-guns stood buy still makes me laugh, I was saved by a staffer who played Warhammer and he was able to explain all this metal in my backpack :P

Those armies are gone now, they where sold off or donated to others as I delved more and more into historical  wargaming with my Napoleonic's.  But lets be honest who could ignore the current push by GW and aside from all the marketing hype that GW is pushing, you have to admit that the new models are really amazing, from a production point of view.  To me the high elves really struck a chord with me so I decided to take a closer look at the range in whole and I have to say I was not surprised at the quality.  Im hoping in the long run the amazing production values that GW put into the plastic ranges they have is replicated in the rest of the industry.

To be honest I know that allot of people including me are never really happy with some of the prices GW charge but I guess you pay for quality, and say what you like about the rules and yeah they have some serious moments of WTF ! the models they produce are amazing.

I have only one gripe right now about the Australian chains and is the shift to mail order for allot of the metal ranges.  I have to say I'm frustrated about the fact that the front line shops don't stock  allot of the metal models in blister form. Now I may be spoilt as Eureka Miniatures which I use for Historical gaming has their whole range available for me to browse through  not 10 minutes from my door, but I think it royally sucks that I cant go down and pick up a model I've been looking at on the net from their retail store.

ANYWAY I digress,  so I painted a High Noble and by george I liked It here are some shots of the 1st tester model.