Monday, July 19, 2010

Introducing the army; Part 4

Well in this instalment of the army showcase the vehicles finally get a spin :P These fine workhorse's of the army have seen their fair share of battle, those rolling coffins called Rhino's have time and time again delivered payloads of bloodthirsty troops while the Vindicator, well even in games when it hasn't fired a single shot it has been one of the most useful units on the table! Anyway onto the Vehicles!

This is just 1 of the 3 Rhino's I have running about, but they are all the same to a certain degree barring minor changes. For instance this one has the wolfs head logo on the front and a searchlight on the top, that I use for the Khorne berzerkers, The Rhino for the CSM has a detachable Havoc launcher (gotta love magnets, they are through the whole army!) and finally the Chosen's Rhino has an all red top hatch. All of the Rhino's also carry the Astral Wolves Blazon on top, the Baying Wolf!

This is the Vindicator I mentioned earlier, a nice little tank with a nasty big gun! Don't be fooled however that Demolisher cannon is a red herring, rare is the day it blows troops away... sometimes the occasional vehicle but more often than not its the damage soak of AV13 front armour and the shear threat it poses that draws fire away from softer targets... :D Why this guy has been immobilised in one game, but had a clear line of sight on two obejctives thus keeping the enemy to the other side of the board... needless to say it did not go well for him!

Now the Defiler is the newest vehicle to be added to the army, I'm not really sure how well he is going to work out for me (large threat with AV12) but I like it, its a nice model and was a real joy to paint.

The Landraider is a lie. Oh take a Landraider they say, it will be unstoppable... that it might be but at the cost... yeah maybe not. Look I wont lie, the Av14 with 2 T/L Lascannons and a heavy bolter PLUS assault ramps, sounds perfect right? Well unless I somehow get power of the machine spirit its not all that great. just imagine yourself driving one of these things and then someone told you that everyone is going to shoot you, you cant drive full speed if you want to fire a single one of the countless weapons you hold and that with all that range on those guns you need to drive right up to the enemy who just happens to have a whole bevy of Melta guns and Power fists... nice model though :)
 As a side note the Landraider isn't actually finished just yet, so some parts like the gun sponsons look a tad plain, needless to say it will get done but not until after the upcoming tournament!

Anyhow that wraps up the army to date, I will start posting up some WIP shots soon of some of my projects and I still have more CSM to paint... Also I may just throw some of my Blood Angel codex, Knights Templar inspired models into the mix aswell, until then Good gaming!