Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Some more pics of the terrain project as it slowly comes along. this being only the left flank from the french side its but half the project but the rest will come along nicely.

I picked up an idea for synthetic fuc for fields, they need some work to look less like fur but ill show that soon enough. The idea here is to get the right balance between cultivated land and general grass lands, so on the lower side of the borad im going to try for more of a spread out vegitation and patches of long grass, yet to hit on how ill do that but im sure it will come to me.

There are some figures there for comparison, lots more hedges to do and the like and will look to buy some flex roads down the track and more trees.

cheers bbc



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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Just an update on the other side of wargaming terrain,

The armies im working on in 15mm are for 1809 northern italy and as such ive been working on terrain as well, it needs to meet two critera, that one looks good and is inline with the battle of sacile and two can be interchangable with a mates collection of terrain, so far as you can see the results are looking good, this is a creek/tributary set up im working on. The 1st near completion is the proof fo concept and the 2nd one is the continuation of the project

The white stuff is the water effects that is slowly setting.

cheers BBC



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