Friday, May 30, 2008

An answer to some questions:

On tmp I was asked about the organisation of the units, more specifically why some have 6 figure companies and others have 8 figure companies and then some of the grenadier companies have only 2 divisions not 3.

The answer is pretty simple. In the case of the line battalions it simply for the purpose of gaming and to reflect that not all battalions where at paper strength at the beginning of the campaign. I took an arbitrary number of 40/48 and 36 figures for the battalions of line.

This gives me the flexibility to use the models in a range of scenarios’ that the actual formation would not actually be involved in.

Additionally I looked at OOBs from the campaign to try and match those formations who’s establishment strength is close to those numbers so I’m not completely out of whack with the historical representation.

As to the grenadier battalions well that’s their historical establishment. The grenadier Brigade from 9th Korp had 4 battalions 2 of 2 divisions and 2 of 3 divisions. Thus I’m re-creating them as they where. Since most Grenadier battalions where maintained at establishment strength they are they way they are.

I hope that answers the question.


Thursday, May 29, 2008

I thought I'd list the Army OOB Im working to.

Its principally sourced from Bowden, and while its clerly not the active list it serves as a basis on which I can then use the units from the varying battles in italy.

Ive been able to get a hold of a copy of epsteins work on Eugene and that should be with me soon enough so with the current collection I can then begin to draw a more comprehensive OOB to work against but for now this will do.

The pictures in the recent post represent just about all the figures i have painted for the austrians and i plan to tagg them so its easy to reference which units they are.

Ive begun work now also on a french 1809 army Davouts 3rd Corp and to start with im working on the Corp Command stand. Though not true opponents for the Austrian formation I was bought Bowdens work on 3rd Corp and as such im inspired buy the formations history so much so I have a desire to re-create it and keep in line with the overall theme of my 1809 project.

Austrian OOB

8 Armeekorps Chasteler as at outbreak of hostilities

1 Division

FML Gyulai

Brigade Collerdo
IR27 Strassoldo German 3 x 40 completed
IR61 St Julien Hungarian 3 x 36 completed
1 x 3pdr FAB 4 Gun Models completed

Brigade Chevalier
IR26 Hohenloe-Bartenstei German 3 x 40 completed
IR16 Lusignan German 3 x 36 completed
1 x 3pdr FAB 4 Gun Models

Brigade Gajoli
IR53 Jellacic Hungarian 3 x 40
IR62 Jellacic Hungarian 3 x 40
1 x 3pdr FAB 4 Gun Models
1 x 6pdr FAB 3 Gun Models

2 Division
FML Gyulai

Brigade Wetzel
1 Banal Grenz 2 x 30
9 Jager Green 1 x 40 completed
Hohenzollern ChL 1 x 48 4/8 sqdrns completed
1 x 6pdr HAB 3 Gun Models

Brigade Freiherr
2 Banal Grenz 2 x 40 completed
5 Ott Hussars 1 x 48 completed
1 x 6pdr FAB 3 Gun Models completed

Corps artillery
1 x 12pdr FAB 3 Gun Models completed
1 x 3pdr FAB 4 Gun Models


Wednesday, May 28, 2008

So..... best laid plans and all that.

Lets just say life caught up with me.

So 5 months on and where do i stand with this collection well ive decided to post a majority of my collection in this a few of the following posts and then from there discuss current painting projects.

Recently i was part of Little Wars melbourne 2008 combining with John Baxter, Scot Webster, Criag Pandy and John Chadderton of Eureka to put on a Napoleonic Game and we re did Nuemarkt. It was a succesfull game where we learn't allot and will have pictures up of the in a few days.

Anyway here are the pictures of my collection

The pictures granted are not in any real order or tagged buts an overvire of my austrian collection, but there is more to post up.

Ill look to edit the post to provide discriptions of the units as i work more on the Blog.

Hopefully a post from now I can put up the pictures from Little Wars Melbourne 2008