Sunday, August 1, 2010

First blood!

Well today Jon-Paul's Ulhfen Templars and my Astral Wolves made a start on the campaign system as described in Sons of Taurus's blog seen here  and here. First of all I would like to thank Sons of Taurus for this system of which will be attempt to complete a full campaign.

Anyway we started on the mission "Decent of Angels" which was basically "Surprise Attack" from the Battle Missions book (page 68) and played to a 1750 points limit.

So this saw myself deploying everything first (barring the lesser daemons which have to deepstrike) into the middle of board 6" apart from one another. With JP being able to drop pod assault and come in from every board side I decided to deply heavy to one side with the Vindicator off to the side, the Defiler in the middle with the chosen and marines and Kharn with Khorne zerkers near the vindicator. The obliterators went into high ground on top of a very tall building, finally the Daemon Prince and the Raptors went on my far left as what was I hoped to be a tasty morsel to bring JP in from that side.

JP got first turn, and lo he did come in from my left with almost everything, the Dreadnought dropped into the middle of the board near my Defiler. The Raptors proved to be adept at failing saves so died first turn in a hail of bullets, I had hoped they could hold out a little longer to still be a nuisance but oh well. So my turn, The Defiler managed to kill 3 Long fangs with the battle cannon, The Daemon Prince jumped into close combat and wiped out a razor back with a 6 on the damage table, killing the melta gunner in the unit to boot!

Turn 2, Jp gets no reserves. The Daemon Prince takes 2 wounds to torrents of fire and the Dreadnought charges the defiler getting several penatrating hits resulting in a 5 (wreck) so no more love for the defiler! Also he managed to immobilise the Berzerkers and Marines rhino's. My turn and my reserves also don't come on, I get the the chosen to melta the drop pod for an easy kill point, I then jumped the Daemon Prince into combat with the remaining Long Fangs/Rune Priest and Kharn goes toe to toe with the Dreadnought. The Daemon Prince takes 1 from the rune priest wound but kills 2 long fangs and gets a wound on the rune priest aswell , Kharn with his splendid hits on a 2+ against a model with a WS value gets two weapon destroyed results on the Dread taking away his close combat arm and assault cannon, however the dreadnought still got 2 attacks back at strength 6, so no instant death or power weapon hits yet for all that Kharn fails both saves and takes 2 wounds!

Turn 3. Jp's reserves all come on, the scouts outflanking near my vindicator and his second drop pod coming down near my chosen, The scouts couldnt make the 6" for double pen on my vindicator but still get a penatrating hit which thankfully only shakes it. In a turn of good luck he is unable to crack the chosen's rhino leaving his command squad high and dry. In the close combat round both the Daemon Prince and the rune priest die and Kharn eats the Dreadnought for brekkie. In my turn I get my lesser daemons come on and drop them next to the chosen and Jp's command squad, I get the Chosen out and into firing positions to score 14 flamer hits and 3 melta gun hits on the command squad, resulting in 4 dead wolf gaurd. I get my Khorne Berkzerkers to charge Jp's dakka pred and power fist it to death, the lesser daemons and the chosen charge the command squad and Kharn charges a full rhino which funnily enough results in a 6 on the damage table killing 4 marines inside and Kharn!

Turn 4 and 5 at this stage went by pretty quickly, with very little left on the table to attack in turn 4 the scouts die and in turn 5 Jp's Vindicator manages to blow my Vindicator away!

At the end of the game however it was a win for Chaos and Khorne! The Astral Wolves 19 kill points to the Ulhfen Templars 15 kill points. While my guys had the advantage in this game by only having a 22 KP's up to offer to Jp's 26 I did get lucky by not losing my heavy hitters in turn 1. I would say that this scenario is Imperial favoured to the most part but as both of us have played each other countless times it was still a bloody and hard fought battle which couldve gone either way right up to the very end.

Next time we shall be playing the mission "Storm the barricades" which is a modified "Trench warfare" from the battle missions book page 46.

Well played Jp, your skulls have appeased the Blood God, but who knows for next time, he is a fickle master!