Saturday, October 26, 2013

Wargaming the English Civil War and a new Direction

Well another long pause in between posts and here I am back again with some new work and a new project.

The Dark Ages armies have been moving along nicely and I should have some updates for the Vikings and even the beginning of the Saxon project soon.

But something new is afoot as the title of this post should suggest.

The English Civil War. 
Recently I have started to plan a career change, with a view to return to university and rather than the last time round and spit out with a business degree, (which has done allot for me admittedly) this time im going to follow my passion.  So I've take two steps so far:  Step one is to enroll in a course on the English Civil War that is offered by Oxford university via distance education, and  I have applied to enrol in  the graduate diploma of Military History at the University of NSW - and then all things going well - complete a Masters and then PhD in the field.