Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Astral Wolves battle report.

Well as I was asked how my army faired during the tournament I thought I had better give a synopsis of the weekend. Initially I was just going to post a comment but realised that I had written about 250 words... so why not blog post it :P

I won 3 games, Lost 2 and drew 1, finishing in 15th place and with one extra win I would’ve been in the top 5 if not higher, I had fantastic scores for Sportsmanship, Painting, Army composition and theme which really helped!
So here goes,

Day 1;

First game was a loss, second was a win and the third a draw.

Game 1. In this game I came up against a hard space marine player, He played well but what really won it for him in the end was what can only be described as some of the most dreadful dice rolling I have personally ever thrown! Now just so you all know I study science and math full time and have a head for numbers much to the dismay of a very good friend of mine. So when I built my army it was with probability in mind. On paper and with good tactics the Astral Wolves perform above average... with average dice rolls.

So there I was in game 1, everything going well... rolling 1's to hit with my oblits, scattering templates to the far reaches of the table into no man’s land and failing every cover save I could, fine I think, I'm going to open up the can'o'woop arse in assault... But alas I threw Kharn and his berzerker buddies into the thick of the fray and wouldn’t you know it I rolled 6 1's and a 3 on my first dice roll, the one hit I get fails to wound and if you know about Kharn and his special rule you'll realise that I hit 6 of my own men... which all 6 didn't fail to wound.

Kharn then had to take 3 saves and failed all of them. The Daemon Prince took only 4 wounds and failed all 4 from bolter fire... it goes on!

The second game was a close bitter battle against plague marines. A close fight but in the end I won out without minor injury! The Defiler excelled in that game beyond my wildest dreams I might add.

The third game was against Space Wolves, again another bitter fight but one I thought I was winning with some lucky rolls early on, however the momentum stalled and my opponent managed to get a unit onto the objective we were fighting over to pull a draw, Mind you I still had Kharn and the Daemon Prince alive so that last unit of Grey Hunters could’ve been toast if I had gotten a 6th turn!

Day 2;

The 4th game was a loss, the 5th a win and the 6th a win!

So there I was ready for my second day of gaming, feeling lucky when the mission is announced, and its modified kill points. So the catch to it was that troops were worth 1 KP, dedicated Transports 1, Elites and fast attack options 2, heavy support options 3 and HQ options 4. So ok, I’m thinking "crap" I have 3 heavy support options and 2 HQ's for 17 KP's alone, not to mention 5 KP's in troops and 5 more to offer in elite/fast options... ok 27 KP's... huh don’t die!

Then I met my opponent, a Dark angel raven wing player! Any other mission I would’ve been laughing but now looking at his army with only 1 HQ and 4 troop selections and that’s all I was running scared. He outflanked his whole army, coming in on turn 2 and 3 all on the left hand side of the board... by turn 4 I had given up only 5 KP's (the oblits and raptors bit the bucket) and taken 3, my turn I had caught a large group of his bike in the open and now the vindicator and defiler prepared to fire... and yep my templates managed to scatter off the table and into a gap the exact size of the template. Next I lost the Vindicator, the Defiler and 2 rhinos. I lost 3 KP's to 13 KP's. However I kept a good cheer and gave my best :)

Game 5 was a close win against a very nicely painted Chaos Daemons army, nothing to special to note here just a down and out fight that left both of us with nearly nothing on the board and only then it was sneaky tactics that made him forget about 1 objective which I nabbed with the Berzerkers and the lesser daemons which gave me the win. That being said it was a great game!

Game 6 was however my favourite game of the day, I came up against what can only be described as a classic Slannesh Chaos space marine’s army, Fielding Lucius the eternal! Well we both were strung out and decided to have a fun game and let the dice do the talking, so I made sure Kharn went one on one with Lucius, My daemon prince against his greater daemon and we both used our lesser daemons in exactly the way they should be, as a noose to tie up expensive and dangerous units. He kept my Defiler busy for 3 turns with his and I kept his 7 lightning claw termi's busy for 3 turns with mine.

All in all it was a close match but in the end the dice went my way in turn 4 and we played up to turn 6 leaving him with only 3 noise marines on the table.

So there you have it, a somewhat lengthy reply to a short question :D

Good gaming and good luck!