Friday, April 29, 2011

Im not dead!

Well to say the least its been a while.

I have to apologise to anyone following the blog, we recently had a death in the family which took allot of time from everything else, then work stepped up a notch, so a few things had to get cut with regards to time that was available.

Unfortunately the blog was one of the 1st to go. but after a long hiatus I'm back and hope to be posting on a regular basis again.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Grey Knights, you know you want to!

So readers you may have noticed a great deal of not very much going on here at the 5th for the last week, this is due to real life and hobby factors but fear not, for we are here to whet you hobby needs!

So whats on everyones mind right now? Grey Knights of course, are they as deadly as everyone thinks? what can we do with these bad boys in the mundane colour scheme! With that in mind I have been toying with several list ideas based on concepts at the 1500 point level, none of which should scream ultimate cheese to your opponent but with luck give you an interesting game! So over the next few days im going to post up these lists to you the reader for you dissemination!