Sunday, August 8, 2010

Bah Humbugs

So I find myself looking at the blog, staring at a screen with nothing to show... Oh I have a WIP bike that im in the process of painting, but that evil trinity of dastardly villains known as Life, Uni and Work have kept me from it! needless to say i plod slowly along and will have something actually worth showing soon never fear.

In the mean while, I found myself testing Blood Angel lists out with my mate Jon-Paul the other day... what a motley game that was. No, I took no pictures of that frankenstein match! Khorne Berzerkers as jump troops... and all. Sheer crazyness, why next i will twirling in circles!

All nonsense aside however that day has taught me some valuable lessons, Chiefly fluff wise the Blood Angels suck as thematic army. Oh thats right those paramours of humanity, saviours of our souls the Blood Angel were always meant to be about Hit and Run tactics, guerrilla warfare and mighty battalions of terminators marching silently across the battle field. But what do I find, the pervasiveness of 5th edition strikes again and if you dont take the bloody steel box's with the men your pushing shit up hill.

On the plus side Jp discovered that its the other way round, you take the men with the steel box's and POW. Fast moving Tanks and a Baal predator with a scout move... Now I will gladly appreciate it if anyone can explain to me how (and feel free to comment if this is wrong) a main battle tank can move 18" (fast scout move) on the battlefield without ANYONE at all noticing and saying "My that looks like a very large well armoured and obviously heavy main battle tank with engines screaming heading towards spewing fire from its every pore!"

So fast tanks win the day in my opinion, We played two test games, one with an experimental list that i knew would be a stretch to really perform (which it didn't... oh dear lord it didn't) and a second game with a few minor changes (mainly a bike squad and some attack bikes courtesy of Jp for the change) that I won by... well being a really sneaky shit. Seems im good at being sneaky, seems to win me games more often than not... but I try to keep anything dodgy to minimum but use good old diversion tactics. If it wasn't for that, then the second game would've been a close loss but still a loss.

Where does this leave me, Well im tempted to buy about 150 ork boyz and just say Bah Humbugs to it all, but im commited to making this templar list, its a bloody dream ive been trying to achieve and im going to do it. If i ever relent it will be to put three furiso dreadnoughts in the army and damn the fluff to hell.

If by some chance your at all interested in my lists (Blood Angels or my reasonably successful Chaos) then email me at or drop a comment here and I will be more than happy to accommodate you. Until then,

Good Gaming!