Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Squad "Thor"

Im looking to redo the Units as I complete their Vehicles for the Army.

Additionally The forces here will be part of  "Strike Force Wulfgar".   Harley "Astral Wolves" and I will soon be using Sons of Taurus's (http://sonsoftaurus.blogspot.com/) campaign as a starting off point for logging the Events of of the Volundr Incursion.

Squad Thor is Lead by Blade Master Dragmáll Seen above, 2nd in command is Eiríkr seen in the 1st picture.  

In the early part of the Campaign the squad used the Strike Cruiser HRÓÐGEIRR's drop pod to support the strike forces operations, later it would transfer to its designated Rhino for combat operations.

An example of the Drop Pods Used in the campaign to support the Ulhfen's operations against the Astral Claws. They not only saw extensive use with Strike Force Wulfgar but also in support of Strike force Horthgar as well in the later stages of the campaign.