Saturday, July 3, 2010

Master of the Hunt Lord Haldor Uhlfrahen

This guy is a Count as for Ragnar Blackmane.   I Usually use him for 1500-1750 point games, though he has been benched for the last 8 games while I run the Terminator lord.

I personally like Ragnar, he's a force multiplier on several levels.

This model is from the Master of the chapter box set i like the pose, the head is a straight swap from the commander box set  and the halberd is from the grey knight champion model.

All in all a simple conversion but to me creates a striking pose.

So far he has been devastating  in combat and makes the wolf guard around him machines in combat.

Lord Haldor has gained the scalps of Kharn as well as allot of Eldar, and he will be leading the Uhlfen into combat in an up and coming tournament.

Today is a small post.

I have some shots of a few recent games , of note where Lord Harkon destroyed 2 BA dreadnoughts all on his own with melta grenades.