Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Kill Count 2010 : A brief overview

Well the dust has settled and wow what a great weekend! All told I personally had a great time with 6 great games. In the end I walked away in 15th place with a total of 3 wins, 1 draw and 2 losses.

In retrospect I feel had 1 of the missions been a little more fair it could've been one less loss but thats the way the cookie crumbles and I gave my opponent a good, fair and friendly game besides! (we never did kill the hobbits, damnit)

So before I carry on I would like to personally thank my 6 opponents,

Leigh M.
Craig L.
Ben C.
Hayden C.
Brad V.
Jay E.

Thanks guys, you all showed your best and all of our games were good fun.

Additionally it has been proven to me again that I really do like the soft score emphasis that most Australian tournaments have, It rewards those who work hard on nice painting, great theme and overall bloody good cheer to play what is only a game in the end. This being said there is always a story at these things about one guy who is a bloody grump ruining days for people and lets face it, if you are so caught up in winning that you make the other player feel uncomfortable or upset by your behaviour then the chances are your not going to win let alone place anywhere significant on the rankings.

So without further adieu let me ply you with pretty picture of armies from the weekend (my apologies to anyone who didn't get their army photographed by me, my methods are somewhat chaotic at times, feel free to send me a pic to add if you wish)