Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Arcannacon 2012

Well so much for the posting hey!

Yeah Ive been lazy on the posting front but I have a legitimate excuse! Promise!

The reason of course is the Biggest Tournament in the Southern Hemisphere Arc 40k- 150 players crowd into the collingwood college and over two days battle it out following these simple princples:

Don't be a Prick !
Paint your Damn Armies !
Play for Fun !

So how did it go?  well I really didn't bother to record all the games Suffice to say 2 losses 3 wins and a Draw and I nearly Passed out in the 5th round due to heat exhaustion.  It was that damn hot in those halls!

Aside from that I came 6th overall- which to be honest I was not expecting.  Having finished 12th last year I was hoping to finish in a similar postion of at least closer to the top 10 not be just outside the top 5.

I think I generally underestimate myself at this event every year and expect very little for my efforts, and Ill probably take the same attitude again and just go to have fun and play with and against some really great painted armies.

That and you get to meet a whole bunch of really great people and maybe even walk away with a new friend or two.

On that the below photo's where not taken by me (i could dream to be this good with a camera) but by Adam Dorney and his photographer partner in crime Zoe on the day-  Ill link his flicker stream for you all to see all the great photo's when I get the info in the meantime here are shots of my guys on the day.

Anyway enjoy and then hopefully ill kick start 2012 blogging with some WIP's and planned projects for the coming year.

Cheers JP