Friday, July 23, 2010

For those about to Dice

So here I am, ready and waiting for tomorrow to begin and what will hopefully be a fun tournament and with any luck I wont lose every game over the weekend. It goes without saying that I will be sacrificing plenty of upstart foolish astartes to the Daemon for good luck!

 Sorry JP, your Ulhfen Templars make for tasty treats

I shall endeavour to record as much as I can over the weekend, Happy snaps of nicely painted armies and battle reports so you will all have to hang tight but until then I shall leave you with some photos of a commissioned project I did for my mate Jon-Paul for his Ulhfen Templars. This is payback of a sorts, a thank you if you may for painting my Daemon Prince for me for the last tournament as I was running short on time just as he was on this one :P
I've also redone a couple of my objectives in the interim, I just wasnt happy with them before but I think they are a little more... chaosey? 

Anyway next time I post it will either be with an air of joy or a photo of nicely painted models in the trash... no maybe not the models I worked so hard on... it will be the dice in the trash instead :D