Friday, July 30, 2010

Something wicked this way rides

Ever since I started this hobby some 10 months ago I've had a long term goal I have wanted to achieve, yet never had the skill until now to be able to do it justice. So what is that goal you ask? I want to create a bad ass mofo biker using Ork parts to create something a little bit Rat Finkish. A totally non gaming piece of course.

So many months ago I bought a box of Ork Warbikes, mainly with this project in mind but from those parts I was able to create a rune priest bike for my friend (something I note he has yet to paint... looking at you JP! (I will dig up photos of this piece when I can find them lol)).
With that experience under my belt I am approaching my Ork bike with a level of understanding as to what needs to be done and as so far I think he is coming up well.

Now to another topic I wanted to share with you the gaming community, Dremals and other such micro power tools. So often I see people talking about using these devices and yet they do nothing more than drill holes for pinning with them! This is what I use to drill pin holes, anything more is just wrapping!!

Instead I use my power tool with a bevy of grinding, coring and mainly engraving bits to create my models and conversions. If you do decide to go down this path I highly recommend getting an extension cord (as shown here, not for you electricity) this allows me to work with the bit as if it was a pen, otherwise your constrained to hold a very tiny bit of plastic in one hand and a large heavy whirring spinning piece of sharpened metal in the other... last time I checked this came under the "Bad Idea" category, but hell if a night getting acquainted with your local emergency room staff is your idea of fun by all means go for it.

Anyway the Ork Biker will be finished and ready for paint in the next day or two, In the mean time enjoy the pics and as always, Good Gaming :D

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Astral Wolves battle report.

Well as I was asked how my army faired during the tournament I thought I had better give a synopsis of the weekend. Initially I was just going to post a comment but realised that I had written about 250 words... so why not blog post it :P

I won 3 games, Lost 2 and drew 1, finishing in 15th place and with one extra win I would’ve been in the top 5 if not higher, I had fantastic scores for Sportsmanship, Painting, Army composition and theme which really helped!
So here goes,

Day 1;

First game was a loss, second was a win and the third a draw.

Game 1. In this game I came up against a hard space marine player, He played well but what really won it for him in the end was what can only be described as some of the most dreadful dice rolling I have personally ever thrown! Now just so you all know I study science and math full time and have a head for numbers much to the dismay of a very good friend of mine. So when I built my army it was with probability in mind. On paper and with good tactics the Astral Wolves perform above average... with average dice rolls.

So there I was in game 1, everything going well... rolling 1's to hit with my oblits, scattering templates to the far reaches of the table into no man’s land and failing every cover save I could, fine I think, I'm going to open up the can'o'woop arse in assault... But alas I threw Kharn and his berzerker buddies into the thick of the fray and wouldn’t you know it I rolled 6 1's and a 3 on my first dice roll, the one hit I get fails to wound and if you know about Kharn and his special rule you'll realise that I hit 6 of my own men... which all 6 didn't fail to wound.

Kharn then had to take 3 saves and failed all of them. The Daemon Prince took only 4 wounds and failed all 4 from bolter fire... it goes on!

The second game was a close bitter battle against plague marines. A close fight but in the end I won out without minor injury! The Defiler excelled in that game beyond my wildest dreams I might add.

The third game was against Space Wolves, again another bitter fight but one I thought I was winning with some lucky rolls early on, however the momentum stalled and my opponent managed to get a unit onto the objective we were fighting over to pull a draw, Mind you I still had Kharn and the Daemon Prince alive so that last unit of Grey Hunters could’ve been toast if I had gotten a 6th turn!

Day 2;

The 4th game was a loss, the 5th a win and the 6th a win!

So there I was ready for my second day of gaming, feeling lucky when the mission is announced, and its modified kill points. So the catch to it was that troops were worth 1 KP, dedicated Transports 1, Elites and fast attack options 2, heavy support options 3 and HQ options 4. So ok, I’m thinking "crap" I have 3 heavy support options and 2 HQ's for 17 KP's alone, not to mention 5 KP's in troops and 5 more to offer in elite/fast options... ok 27 KP's... huh don’t die!

Then I met my opponent, a Dark angel raven wing player! Any other mission I would’ve been laughing but now looking at his army with only 1 HQ and 4 troop selections and that’s all I was running scared. He outflanked his whole army, coming in on turn 2 and 3 all on the left hand side of the board... by turn 4 I had given up only 5 KP's (the oblits and raptors bit the bucket) and taken 3, my turn I had caught a large group of his bike in the open and now the vindicator and defiler prepared to fire... and yep my templates managed to scatter off the table and into a gap the exact size of the template. Next I lost the Vindicator, the Defiler and 2 rhinos. I lost 3 KP's to 13 KP's. However I kept a good cheer and gave my best :)

Game 5 was a close win against a very nicely painted Chaos Daemons army, nothing to special to note here just a down and out fight that left both of us with nearly nothing on the board and only then it was sneaky tactics that made him forget about 1 objective which I nabbed with the Berzerkers and the lesser daemons which gave me the win. That being said it was a great game!

Game 6 was however my favourite game of the day, I came up against what can only be described as a classic Slannesh Chaos space marine’s army, Fielding Lucius the eternal! Well we both were strung out and decided to have a fun game and let the dice do the talking, so I made sure Kharn went one on one with Lucius, My daemon prince against his greater daemon and we both used our lesser daemons in exactly the way they should be, as a noose to tie up expensive and dangerous units. He kept my Defiler busy for 3 turns with his and I kept his 7 lightning claw termi's busy for 3 turns with mine.

All in all it was a close match but in the end the dice went my way in turn 4 and we played up to turn 6 leaving him with only 3 noise marines on the table.

So there you have it, a somewhat lengthy reply to a short question :D

Good gaming and good luck!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Kill Count 2010 : A brief overview

Well the dust has settled and wow what a great weekend! All told I personally had a great time with 6 great games. In the end I walked away in 15th place with a total of 3 wins, 1 draw and 2 losses.

In retrospect I feel had 1 of the missions been a little more fair it could've been one less loss but thats the way the cookie crumbles and I gave my opponent a good, fair and friendly game besides! (we never did kill the hobbits, damnit)

So before I carry on I would like to personally thank my 6 opponents,

Leigh M.
Craig L.
Ben C.
Hayden C.
Brad V.
Jay E.

Thanks guys, you all showed your best and all of our games were good fun.

Additionally it has been proven to me again that I really do like the soft score emphasis that most Australian tournaments have, It rewards those who work hard on nice painting, great theme and overall bloody good cheer to play what is only a game in the end. This being said there is always a story at these things about one guy who is a bloody grump ruining days for people and lets face it, if you are so caught up in winning that you make the other player feel uncomfortable or upset by your behaviour then the chances are your not going to win let alone place anywhere significant on the rankings.

So without further adieu let me ply you with pretty picture of armies from the weekend (my apologies to anyone who didn't get their army photographed by me, my methods are somewhat chaotic at times, feel free to send me a pic to add if you wish)

Monday, July 26, 2010

Kill Count 2010

Well 1st off what an experience!

For an Introduction to what a 40k Tournament is all about I must say wow, and not in a bad way let it be said.  More so in terms of the sense of community, the amazing group of people and the sheer artistic  talent that exists out there.

The Tournament was clearly set up with the person who not just played to win but also played to have fun, that took time with their hobby, thought not just about the power combo's but the theme and the design of the army.

The organizers have to be very happy with the overall outcome and I'd say that overall I had a fairly positive experience in my 6 games and I stress the "fairly" and will get to that later.

So how did i fair?  well lets say I hoped to win one game and won 2 and really dropped the ball on 2 and was  really owned in 2.  I made what can only be said to be a huge swath of mistakes that saw me lose brilliant advantages to mistimed attacks and poor choices.  I have to say I learned allot more from those 6 games than any of the games I had before then, and at the same time confirmed allot of thoughts about how to proceed with the army in general.

On the 1st day I faced Imperial Guard twice with very distinctive differences for both, one being a very nicely themed Valk list with guys all in blue representing bio soldiers drawn from an old 2000ad coming which i loved.  The other guard list while not sporting any Special characters was basically from what I could see a leaf blower light list, a mass of templates and high impact weapons, purely designed to win games, theme was very stock standard and showed in my opinion very little imagination or thought.

I also played a chaos word bearers army and way back in the depths of 2001 I once started painted word bearers with the old codex, and I have to say it has inspired me again, its just a shame that so much of the rich tapestry that is the traitor legions was lost in the poor excuse for a codex "chaos space marines".

Day One saw 1 win and two losses.

Day two started off well playing a fantastic Nurgle Choas space marine army, with what I have to say was the nicest guy I played all tournament.  I had the upper hand till turn 3 and then saw it all fall apart from one gut wrenching mistake that while the lad offered to let me rethink it ( I refused on the grounds of principle) saw the entire match fall apart.  I then faced a fairly simple eldar army but I made a host of mistakes and saw myself again lose the early advantage.  Game 6 I was certain not to make the same mistake and with concentrated fire and host of good roles tabled a very gracious and well spirited player by turn 3.

Day 2 again saw 1 win and two losses.

So 2 guard 2 chaos Marines and 2 Eldar is what I faced, not one other codex marine army, which considering the number of marine armies out there was interesting.

Out of 66 players with comp and sportsmanship and etc worked in I finished 29th and came 3rd overall for theme and composition which took me by surprise completely.

The only experience that was negative was against that type of player I read about and thought that I would have to deal with after a few comps.  But there I was with a person who would snatch things out of your hand, refused to explain rules, didn't explain what he was doing, and was very aggressive and negative in his style.

It brought day one to a sudden and startling halt in terms of enjoyment. I was just shocked how horrid this guy was and clearly only interested in winning and not having a fun competitive game.  Suffice to say his army was hardly inspiring and represented a whole heap of min maxing to make it hard to beat.  For a 'ard boyz tournament I would suspect this would be fine but Australian tournaments I get a sense that winning is good but having good composition, good presentation and sportsmanship is equally important.

Anyway suffice to say I was very very happy to see him down lower on the lists which I felt vindicated his poor attitude to the game, and It was clear others thought the same.

So as to lessons learnt.

Ragnar was good but a waste in terms of points.  For fluff he works for Haldor but he represented a massive sink where I could have used a few more troops or another option for long range fire.  So Eastcon is now coming up in 4 weeks and I'm going to try something different with a wolf priest some downgraded wolf guard and a vindicator worked into the list.

Ill post it up in a few days with some additional fluff.  Lord Haldor will receive his dues in a glorious death (as happened this weekend) when he took on a Nurgle Sorcerer and felled him but took a mortal blow from a force weapon.

Ill have some shots up of the new units Im working on soon,



Friday, July 23, 2010

Strike Force Wulfgar

I have to say I'm extremely proud of this point,  here is the army 1750 points fully painted.

Not the best photos probably but heck here they are.

Nearly 12 months in the making, long nights at the desk painting,  lamenting on army lists and colour theme's.

And thus tomorrow i venture into my 1st tourney and hope to win at least one game or at least conduct myself in honor and not get tabled 6 times.

For those about to Dice

So here I am, ready and waiting for tomorrow to begin and what will hopefully be a fun tournament and with any luck I wont lose every game over the weekend. It goes without saying that I will be sacrificing plenty of upstart foolish astartes to the Daemon for good luck!

 Sorry JP, your Ulhfen Templars make for tasty treats

I shall endeavour to record as much as I can over the weekend, Happy snaps of nicely painted armies and battle reports so you will all have to hang tight but until then I shall leave you with some photos of a commissioned project I did for my mate Jon-Paul for his Ulhfen Templars. This is payback of a sorts, a thank you if you may for painting my Daemon Prince for me for the last tournament as I was running short on time just as he was on this one :P
I've also redone a couple of my objectives in the interim, I just wasnt happy with them before but I think they are a little more... chaosey? 

Anyway next time I post it will either be with an air of joy or a photo of nicely painted models in the trash... no maybe not the models I worked so hard on... it will be the dice in the trash instead :D

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Brother Anliefer

So here he is one of the last pieces of the puzzle in the current army.

Have to say pretty happy with the outcome so here is Brother Anleifer

Lord Haldor's Guard Squad "Rangvalder"

Ok so today we have Guard Squad "Rangvalder"  Lord Haldor's Personal Body Guard in his Razorback Osvalder.

Leader of the Guard is Hróðarr centered with his power axe.   

Should have some pics of the dread up later tonight 


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Squad "Thor"

Im looking to redo the Units as I complete their Vehicles for the Army.

Additionally The forces here will be part of  "Strike Force Wulfgar".   Harley "Astral Wolves" and I will soon be using Sons of Taurus's ( campaign as a starting off point for logging the Events of of the Volundr Incursion.

Squad Thor is Lead by Blade Master Dragmáll Seen above, 2nd in command is Eiríkr seen in the 1st picture.  

In the early part of the Campaign the squad used the Strike Cruiser HRÓÐGEIRR's drop pod to support the strike forces operations, later it would transfer to its designated Rhino for combat operations.

An example of the Drop Pods Used in the campaign to support the Ulhfen's operations against the Astral Claws. They not only saw extensive use with Strike Force Wulfgar but also in support of Strike force Horthgar as well in the later stages of the campaign. 

Work In progress shots of

Sorry for the delay in posts but I have been busy getting ready for Kill Count this weekend. The last few weeks have been a blur with play testing and painting. Im down to the last few models ( a dreadnaught and a drop pod) .

I thought I would put a few shots of the dread as I paint him. Looking to have him completed tonight so will have completed shots up soon.

Brother ÁNLEIFR WIP shots 

Codex Blood Angel sneak peek

So due to interest I thought to give a sneak peek to the BA army im starting to work on. Its early days yet as the Astral Wolves is soaking up a lot of my time preparing it for a tourny, but in the background Im laying down the groundwork for a project thats been waiting since I was a little boy!

This is my first model and there are definitely some things I'm going to go over and redo but for the most part the colours are down.Ive yet to decide on Helmet colour for the regular assault marines but tip of the hat to codex BA with Yellow helmets is leading the charge right now.

So to give you a little background on what I'm hoping is to be a very exciting project! Many years ago (back during rogue trader days) I was given a copy of Space Crusade. In this I was given 3 codex chapters, The Ultramarines, The Imperial Fists and the Blood Angels. The fluff that came with that wonderful board game on the chapters was surprisingly detailed considering the quality of production at the time and in that fluff it was the Blood Angels that stood out as my favourite. fast forward a couple of years, being a young man I didn't have the patience, materials or the skill to paint, but paint some BA i did. It was about then that i saw my very first quartered space marine in the dark pages of a White Dwarf. Ever since then I've dreamed of being able to do such a chapter but have lacked the means or wherewithal to proceed.

So here we are, with a yet to be named Blood Angels based, Knights Templar themed army. Im planning on doing roughly 20 Assault marines, 5 Honour Guard, 5 Sanguinary guard, 2 Sanguinary priests, 2 Land speeders and my own custom built Dante for a 1500 starting point. Will this take over from the Astral Wolves? I'm not really sure but I must say Chaos has its certain charms :D

Everything here is still very much WIP, the Chapter symbol at this stage is purely rough copy but needless to say Heraldry is involved. In the coming weeks as i start the long string of conversion work that will be involved I shall endeavour to keep regular updates but until then enjoy and as always feel free to comment and drop suggestions.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Preparing for Killcount!

Just a quick update today, I'm finishing off some details for a 1750 point 2 day tournament this weekend like the display board featured below and other minor details. (for some reason the blog software wont let me put this picture in upright... oh well)

Additionaly im painting up the objective markers for my mates army as he is running late and quite frankly I owe him one for the Daemon Prince he painted for me! (i'll post some pics of that tomorrow)

Anyway here is my 1750 army list im taking this weekend, its a solid list which seems to win more often than not but it has yet to face Eldar or Orkz but im confident I can bring the pain :D

Kharn the Betrayer
Daemon Prince (wings, mark of khorne)

Chosen (asp. champ, 3 Melta, 2 flamer, Icon Chaos Glory, Rhino)

10 CSM (asp champ, Power weapon, Melta, H.Bolter, Icon Chaos Glory, Rhino, Havoc Launcher)
9 Khorne Berzerkers (asp champ, Power fist, Rhino)
10 Lesser Daemons

Fast Attack
5 Raptors (asp champ, Lightning claws, Melta, Icon of Khorne)

Heavy Support
Defiler (+1 close combat arm, Heavy T/L Flamer)
2 Obliterators

Total of 48 Models, 13 killpoints, 3 scoring units and plenty of pie plates :D

Feel free to drop comments on what you think, Bearing in mind that its meant to be hard but no too hard. If I win at least 1 game i'll be happy!

Btw, if you like the display and want to know how it was made drop me a line, I may do a step by step for it later when I have the time but it was ridiculously easy in the end... !

Introducing the army; Part 4

Well in this instalment of the army showcase the vehicles finally get a spin :P These fine workhorse's of the army have seen their fair share of battle, those rolling coffins called Rhino's have time and time again delivered payloads of bloodthirsty troops while the Vindicator, well even in games when it hasn't fired a single shot it has been one of the most useful units on the table! Anyway onto the Vehicles!

This is just 1 of the 3 Rhino's I have running about, but they are all the same to a certain degree barring minor changes. For instance this one has the wolfs head logo on the front and a searchlight on the top, that I use for the Khorne berzerkers, The Rhino for the CSM has a detachable Havoc launcher (gotta love magnets, they are through the whole army!) and finally the Chosen's Rhino has an all red top hatch. All of the Rhino's also carry the Astral Wolves Blazon on top, the Baying Wolf!

This is the Vindicator I mentioned earlier, a nice little tank with a nasty big gun! Don't be fooled however that Demolisher cannon is a red herring, rare is the day it blows troops away... sometimes the occasional vehicle but more often than not its the damage soak of AV13 front armour and the shear threat it poses that draws fire away from softer targets... :D Why this guy has been immobilised in one game, but had a clear line of sight on two obejctives thus keeping the enemy to the other side of the board... needless to say it did not go well for him!

Now the Defiler is the newest vehicle to be added to the army, I'm not really sure how well he is going to work out for me (large threat with AV12) but I like it, its a nice model and was a real joy to paint.

The Landraider is a lie. Oh take a Landraider they say, it will be unstoppable... that it might be but at the cost... yeah maybe not. Look I wont lie, the Av14 with 2 T/L Lascannons and a heavy bolter PLUS assault ramps, sounds perfect right? Well unless I somehow get power of the machine spirit its not all that great. just imagine yourself driving one of these things and then someone told you that everyone is going to shoot you, you cant drive full speed if you want to fire a single one of the countless weapons you hold and that with all that range on those guns you need to drive right up to the enemy who just happens to have a whole bevy of Melta guns and Power fists... nice model though :)
 As a side note the Landraider isn't actually finished just yet, so some parts like the gun sponsons look a tad plain, needless to say it will get done but not until after the upcoming tournament!

Anyhow that wraps up the army to date, I will start posting up some WIP shots soon of some of my projects and I still have more CSM to paint... Also I may just throw some of my Blood Angel codex, Knights Templar inspired models into the mix aswell, until then Good gaming!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Introducing the Army; Part 3

Ok, so far I've shown off the HQ units and the Troops of my army. Today Im going to showcase the specialist units I field on any given day, some of them are steadfast bastions in my army... others not so much :)

So I present first off the bat my Chaos Terminators, these guys are a hit and miss unit at times and usually I find not worth the points in a match but are fun to throw at the enemy :D
As you may have noticed I'm running a Terminator Lord in this squad but I count him as just regular Terminator for the most part! In this squad is the lightning claws up front there, 2 regular power weapon/bolter Terminators, a chainfist plus combi melta, a Power weapon and combi melta and lastly the Heavy flamer and power weapon. I tend to run a mark of Khorne on these boys lending to an impressive amount of init 4 powerweapon strikes!

Next up on the Elites is my squad of chosen, seen here in the usual dark angel robed model that seems to not only be a popular choice for this unit but I feel very fitting too! Unlike the Terminators the chosen are worth their weight in gold as far as I'm concerned, armed with 3 melta guns plus 2 flamers they are and have been extremely dangerous in almost every game I field them! These guys are fielded with a rhino and with the ability to outflank they can come on a short table edge (not always the right one unfortunately) and make what or who ever they find there miserable! (these squad has a bevy of little conversions and addons tweaked into the unit to numerous to count but my favorite is still the cigar!)

Next up for the showcase is my Raptors. I have owned these models almost since I began the 40k hobby but never got around to painting them untill recently, and then they have only been based properly in the last week in line with the tourny I'm attending next weekend. So far I've been pleasantly surprised by what the raptors can achieve but I feel I'm yet to see the full potential of the unit!

Last but not least for todays post is my Obliterators! with a mixture of Chaos termi parts, Marine termi parts and a devastator box set I was able to create what I feel to be a solid model unlike most Oblits I see out there. Some of you may be thinking they seem a little loyalist but my fluff for these guys are they are recently turned to the Chaos banner and have armed themselves with the biggest guns they could! All told I do owe a debt of gratitude to my mate Jon-Paul for helping to construct them and furnishing me with the parts. You may or may not notice that there is a monumental amount of ye olde green stuff on these guys, from the gun joins to the power cable being made mostly of that magic material!

When next I update I will include photos of the vehicles of the Astral Wolves, until then good gaming!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Introducing the army; Part 2

So to introduce the troops of the Astral Wolves, the fighting men (and dogs) who do all the hard work!

These boys are my Khorne Berzerkers, they usually ride with Lukas (much to their detriment at times) and fair reasonably well in combat. I created them by kitbashing Chaos Space Marine parts, Space Wolf parts (the heads) and Khorne berzerker parts (the weapons)

The next lot up are my Chaos space marines, these models were the very first thing i painted, and have undergone only the one minor touchup. Yet with all that being said im still happy with them as gaming quality models!

Last in my list of troops are the Lesser Daemons, Made from a chaos warhounds box and liberal applications of ye olde green stuff they have a raw feel to them. I have another box of these im planning to make up in the future and when i do i may revisit these guys for another touchup!

All my troops seem to fair reasonably well on the battlefield, the biggest surprise however is how well the lesser daemons fair! With only a 5+ invulnerable, no armour save and a standard marine stat line I would never have guessed how effective they really are, and cheap... for Chaos that is :P

Both the Khorne berzerkers and the Marines have rhino's and i will showcase these later when i list the vehicles i field in the army!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Introducing the Army; Part 1...

Well i thought it a good idea to start introducing the existing models from my collection today. I have painted well over 2000 points of CSM to date, and have slowly started work on a Blood Angels based chapter (which im guessing i'll post up here too ;) ), So before I get around to showing off work in progress shots here is a taste of some of the works already complete!

As you can see ive used the Lukas the Trickster model as a counts as Kharn the Betrayer, and now he is known as Lukas the Betrayer :D

The next piece is Skoll Sunchaser, named after one of the wolves of norse mythology and with the release of the new Demon Prince plastic box I think i will also add Hati Moonchaser into the army :) I would like to add that my Best friend painted this piece for me as I was running behind schedule for a tournament and that the photo does it no justice.
Last but not least in the triumvirate of HQ's that i field is the Greater Daemon, Fenrir the Wolf at Worlds End. This piece is lovely i will admit and usually garners it fair sure of oohhs and ahhs when im out gaming! to answer your question (the same everyone asks) no, this is not a Games Workshop model, Yes i know that means i cant play it at some tournaments, no i dont care and the model was made by a company known as Rackham :P

I will update soon with the Troops of the army and maybe some others!

Von Drakin.

The Astral Wolves arrive on the net!

With the advent of blogs and the perspicacity of my best friend to have leveraged this medium as a font to track the progress of his Warhammer 40k army, The Ulhfen Templars (formerly known as the Arctic Templars). As such I decided to start my own blog of work on my rival Army, The Astral Wolves (formerly known as my savings).

Its been an interesting journey to date, With us both starting our respective forces late 2009, Jon-Paul with some respectable years of model painting behind him and little old me with almost none bar a brief foray as a very young man, its needless to say that not only have our collections grown but our skills as well.

So without further ado let me introduce you to the Astral Wolves, Bane of the Space wolves, Hunted by the Wolf Templars and altogether nasty fellows to be around!
(A better picture will be uploaded soon)

As of the moment my Force utilises the Chaos Space Marine codex with a focus on Khorn, In the future however I may just switch to using the Space wolf codex (aka as the Doggie 'Dex) as its becoming very clear that they can do Chaos better than chaos can... go figure huh!

Anyway as you can see the force is predomintly Black with Red and Gold, As my fluff states that these traitors were turned by none other than Huron Blackheart from the capture of the Wolf of Fenris Battle Barge, I thought it only fitting then that they adopt the reverse of the Red Corsairs colour scheme and the iconography of the Space Wolves with a name that blends both characteristics. With out further delay I shall leave you with my fluff written so far (it is as always a work in progress) and I shall hopefully be posting again soon.

"After the end of the battle of the Wolf of Fenris, huron Blackheart gifted control of the mighty battle barge to the traitors who turned during the battle to Chaos, While few in number they had been harbouring a primal instinct deep inside them for a long time, to hunt, to kill and to taste blood. They had heard the whispering of Khorn.

Meanwhile Lukas the Trickster also heard the call of the Blood God, the years of being passed over for promotion from the ranks of the blood claws had left a bitter seed of hate, Finally he left the Space Wolves. The Traitors found him and after proving himself to be the fiercest he became their leader.

However the Astral Wolves were but few, While more chaos marines flocked to the banner of the Howling wolf every day they sought to bolster their numbers with the forces from the warp. With the patronage of the Daemon Prince, Skoll they summoned fel beasts in the form of mishapen wolves to aid them and in times of great need they have even been known to summon the great daemon wolf Fenrir."

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Master of the Hunt Lord Haldor Uhlfrahen

This guy is a Count as for Ragnar Blackmane.   I Usually use him for 1500-1750 point games, though he has been benched for the last 8 games while I run the Terminator lord.

I personally like Ragnar, he's a force multiplier on several levels.

This model is from the Master of the chapter box set i like the pose, the head is a straight swap from the commander box set  and the halberd is from the grey knight champion model.

All in all a simple conversion but to me creates a striking pose.

So far he has been devastating  in combat and makes the wolf guard around him machines in combat.

Lord Haldor has gained the scalps of Kharn as well as allot of Eldar, and he will be leading the Uhlfen into combat in an up and coming tournament.

Today is a small post.

I have some shots of a few recent games , of note where Lord Harkon destroyed 2 BA dreadnoughts all on his own with melta grenades.