Saturday, September 12, 2009

After a long time i finally got some good pictures of those austrians

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Well after some serious work here is the unit with 2 bases not finished! They are traveling with Nic from Eureka for the Historicon show so I was pressed for time.

Considering that and the work I put in im happy with the outcome. The flags will be provided by someone Nic knows from the states so some shots of them complete with the other two bases might crop up in the next month.

Really like the figure great scuplts which made painting them allot more enjoyable, and for my my official 2nd run at 28's im feeling more comfortable with the size, but i wont be going down this path to soon, to much to do in 15's but you never know.



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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Update on the austrains for the new Eureka range for the revolutionary wars

I wish I could take good pics but these are allright





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Sunday, June 14, 2009

So i got the jacket colour wrong, which means ill need to go over the coat and make it white.

not a massive issue will just need to layer the colour, ill aim for a real light grey, which some references suggest was the case, ill aim to still make the officer distinctive against the regular troops.

The finished work item waiting for the rest of the regiment.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

A slight diversion,

Ive been working on a small side project for a friend and this is the 1st shot at a revolutionary austrian officer for a hungarian unit. My problem is i painted him with a grey coat but im under the impression that they wore white and im trying to find sources to give me the right indication.

Cheers BBC

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Some more pics of the terrain project as it slowly comes along. this being only the left flank from the french side its but half the project but the rest will come along nicely.

I picked up an idea for synthetic fuc for fields, they need some work to look less like fur but ill show that soon enough. The idea here is to get the right balance between cultivated land and general grass lands, so on the lower side of the borad im going to try for more of a spread out vegitation and patches of long grass, yet to hit on how ill do that but im sure it will come to me.

There are some figures there for comparison, lots more hedges to do and the like and will look to buy some flex roads down the track and more trees.

cheers bbc



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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Just an update on the other side of wargaming terrain,

The armies im working on in 15mm are for 1809 northern italy and as such ive been working on terrain as well, it needs to meet two critera, that one looks good and is inline with the battle of sacile and two can be interchangable with a mates collection of terrain, so far as you can see the results are looking good, this is a creek/tributary set up im working on. The 1st near completion is the proof fo concept and the 2nd one is the continuation of the project

The white stuff is the water effects that is slowly setting.

cheers BBC



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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Well and update at the end of the month the hussars bar basing are finished well the 1st regiment I need is done anyway

This is 2nd frimont and im happy with the result onto the next regiment now only 24 of them not 36 so that should not take as much time.


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Sunday, March 1, 2009

A work in progress update: been busy of late, and finished 3 batteries of artillery of which two are here, as well as the two grenz battalions.

Currently working on a 36 figure hussar regiment no 2 regiment to be exact so nice light blue uniforms with red shakos to have fun with.

All in all felt i should post somthing up and besides good to keep the post count up and not forget about it!

anyway enjoy these the hussars should not be far behind.

Cheers BBC




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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Playing with photo shop and i thought this was a great shot of an artillery battery and cavalry. The figures are from the collection of Jbaxter and Jmarchant.

Cheers BBC

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An enjoyable game was held this evening at my friends house, french vs prussians with two players aside. Playing the prussians which is a timely change from the sea of white that has confronted me of late.

The success of the evening was a prussian hussar regiment and a battery of artillery that combined, decimated a french cavalry briagde and thus put flight to the franco/bavarian force.

Just a few pics below of the game. Thanks to Jbaxter Cpandy and Jmarchant for a fun and entertaining night with laughs all round and furious dice rolling.




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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Been playing with light and the camera,

anyway this set includes the two new grenz battalion as well as some of favorites from the collection, now heading into painting 3 artillery batteries in one shot then I've set myself up to paint some very nice hussars.

Cheers BBC




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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

So another post in quick succession but it’s a bit of an aside from painting, which I can assure it is continuing, 2nd Grenz battalion has the base colours and washes applied tonight so onto faces and highlight colours.

But I digress.

Recently on TMP I read a post about wargaming podcasts. It lead me to two Podcasts one is the Napoleon Podcast, very good though a tad pro French the presenters have a very good style and present the session in a conversation format that is easy to listen to.

The other is Noisemaker, by an American which is a general chat about wargaming, its in its infancy but is a nice listen to and I recommend you try both out.

Anyway back to the painting desk!

Sunday, January 11, 2009


Happy New Year to everyone and thus we enter 2009!

Well with all new years there are resolutions and plans, this is year I don't plan to miss out! In May we should see Littlewars Melbourne take place again and thus I plan, with the help of my fellow gamers to put on Sacile at 1:20 scale, well the defence of the town of Porcia to be exact.

Sacile interests me as a battle because 1st it does not include any of the heavy weights of the period and to boot is an austrian victory!

The battle itself has recieved some press in the past and has had the treatment by arnold and now Gill in the 2nd volume of thunder on the danube. The scenario I'm working on will focus on the part of the battle where Eugene could have won but lost the battle as well.

The scenario which when i put the final touches to will be for both GDB and i Plan to make a version of LFS by the two fat lardies ( a nice set of rules ive recently come to like from several reads). The scenario will show a french army superior in infantry take on a austrain army with superior numbers in cavalry and artillery. My hope is that it will be fun, challengeing and look bloody good!

Anyway there is allot of painting to complete between here and may, not to mention terrain as well, but as a 1st up here is the 1st battalion of the Ottocac Grenz. These guys are in the pre 1808 regulation but then there was a very slow change over to the brown uniform and so to add variety i though a grenz battalion in white would be a good offset to the ones in brown.

Anyway 2nd battalion is undercoated and the base colour for the trousers is on, after that plan to do the outstanding artillery batteries in bulk and then get to grips with some more Hussars!

Anyway I wish one and all a Successful new year in either reducing the lead pile or increasing it!
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