Thursday, January 23, 2014

Vikings WIP and Painting models in smaller batch's ! And Cancon test Game

Recently rather than batch painting and destroying my soul in the process by painting 100 bits of leather etc- Ive taken to working on two models at a time and found I get them done in an evening or two at a stretch.

I have to say its been allot more enjoyable and I feel a greater sense of accomplishment as I look at the completed models as i paint the next two lad.

In  nights Ive got 6 figures done and defiantly feel baring to many interruptions could punch out 24 figures each 2-3 weeks.

There are times when painting feels like this.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Hail Caesar Basing and how awesome Warbases is :)

Today the postman dropped off a package from Warbases- about a fortnight ago I had placed this order so a 10 day turnaround is awesome from the UK!

Anyway I had recently been thinking about some comments people had made about the need for allot of figure for Hail Caesar.  Talking with a few mates it was made clear to me that in essence it is the frontage of the unit not so much the number of figures that is principally important in the game.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Cancon and 28mm Moderns

So I have been on leave for a few weeks and I am not into the final two weeks.

I have had an awesome time off and the cap it all off I have Cancon this coming weekend and then my Little sister is getting married the following weekend.

Thoughts on Fallchrimjager for Bolt Action and Chain of Command - How do you attempt to reflect squad and team tactics in Bolt Action?

In the last update I mentioned that I felt Bolt action didn't really look to reflect the way teams operated in squads and that I had a few ideas on how to overcome that.  What I want to achieve is a semblance of team tactics within the squad in the same way as you would experience in Chain of Command.

The important thing for me was that during this and post WW2 squad and team tactics are important to how an infantry platoon operates.  German training worked on the basis of the squad operating as one large MG team but when the need for suppression fire was called on the squad would break down into the composite roles of MG team and Rifle team to achieve the result. Especially in assaults.  MG team acting as the suppression element and the rifle team as the assault element. 

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Garman Fallschrimjager and my 1st game of Bolt Action

So here are my 1st 9 figures for 2014.

That's right German Fallchrimjager  by warlord games!  Early last year I bought these with the intention of painting them up and then put it off in favor of other projects.  Well after playing Chain of Command by TFL and also starting to get some interest in Bolt action I thought it was time.

Friday, January 3, 2014

2014- The new years Hobby commitments and hopes :)

Well another year has passed and we are now 3 days into 2014.

Every year I like to try and set myself some goals for the coming year ahead- though its also worth reflecting on what got painted last year.

In no specific order last year saw a viking army rise, the beginnings of ECW force as well some moderns for Chain of Command for Cancon.

 Viking Horde