Friday, July 16, 2010

Introducing the army; Part 2

So to introduce the troops of the Astral Wolves, the fighting men (and dogs) who do all the hard work!

These boys are my Khorne Berzerkers, they usually ride with Lukas (much to their detriment at times) and fair reasonably well in combat. I created them by kitbashing Chaos Space Marine parts, Space Wolf parts (the heads) and Khorne berzerker parts (the weapons)

The next lot up are my Chaos space marines, these models were the very first thing i painted, and have undergone only the one minor touchup. Yet with all that being said im still happy with them as gaming quality models!

Last in my list of troops are the Lesser Daemons, Made from a chaos warhounds box and liberal applications of ye olde green stuff they have a raw feel to them. I have another box of these im planning to make up in the future and when i do i may revisit these guys for another touchup!

All my troops seem to fair reasonably well on the battlefield, the biggest surprise however is how well the lesser daemons fair! With only a 5+ invulnerable, no armour save and a standard marine stat line I would never have guessed how effective they really are, and cheap... for Chaos that is :P

Both the Khorne berzerkers and the Marines have rhino's and i will showcase these later when i list the vehicles i field in the army!