Wednesday, October 4, 2006

There is something about that year and the conflicts that took place that seem to draw me in. Be it the retreat of Moore and the return of Wellington to the titanic clash of empires in Bavaria to the to and fro in the plains of northern Italy, I am intrigued by it all and as a war gamer I decided to set out to paint formations from that period, do research and create some scenarios.
I use the superb Napoleonic rules by Dave Brown "General de Brigade" you can visit the forums where all those who use these rules post and discuss the period here and if you decide to buy the rules I recommend the superb book sellers Caliver books
Anyway the General de brigade rules are scaled at 1:20 figure ratio and thus all OOB's i may post will have this conversion to make sense of the units I’m painting and the scenarios I’m working on.

Anyway I hope you find the information I post here useful and enjoy the pictures of painted figures all of which are AB bought from the superb miniature sellers Eureka Miniatures of Australia run by ever friendly and helpful Nic Robson.