Saturday, July 17, 2010

Introducing the Army; Part 3

Ok, so far I've shown off the HQ units and the Troops of my army. Today Im going to showcase the specialist units I field on any given day, some of them are steadfast bastions in my army... others not so much :)

So I present first off the bat my Chaos Terminators, these guys are a hit and miss unit at times and usually I find not worth the points in a match but are fun to throw at the enemy :D
As you may have noticed I'm running a Terminator Lord in this squad but I count him as just regular Terminator for the most part! In this squad is the lightning claws up front there, 2 regular power weapon/bolter Terminators, a chainfist plus combi melta, a Power weapon and combi melta and lastly the Heavy flamer and power weapon. I tend to run a mark of Khorne on these boys lending to an impressive amount of init 4 powerweapon strikes!

Next up on the Elites is my squad of chosen, seen here in the usual dark angel robed model that seems to not only be a popular choice for this unit but I feel very fitting too! Unlike the Terminators the chosen are worth their weight in gold as far as I'm concerned, armed with 3 melta guns plus 2 flamers they are and have been extremely dangerous in almost every game I field them! These guys are fielded with a rhino and with the ability to outflank they can come on a short table edge (not always the right one unfortunately) and make what or who ever they find there miserable! (these squad has a bevy of little conversions and addons tweaked into the unit to numerous to count but my favorite is still the cigar!)

Next up for the showcase is my Raptors. I have owned these models almost since I began the 40k hobby but never got around to painting them untill recently, and then they have only been based properly in the last week in line with the tourny I'm attending next weekend. So far I've been pleasantly surprised by what the raptors can achieve but I feel I'm yet to see the full potential of the unit!

Last but not least for todays post is my Obliterators! with a mixture of Chaos termi parts, Marine termi parts and a devastator box set I was able to create what I feel to be a solid model unlike most Oblits I see out there. Some of you may be thinking they seem a little loyalist but my fluff for these guys are they are recently turned to the Chaos banner and have armed themselves with the biggest guns they could! All told I do owe a debt of gratitude to my mate Jon-Paul for helping to construct them and furnishing me with the parts. You may or may not notice that there is a monumental amount of ye olde green stuff on these guys, from the gun joins to the power cable being made mostly of that magic material!

When next I update I will include photos of the vehicles of the Astral Wolves, until then good gaming!