Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Astral Wolves arrive on the net!

With the advent of blogs and the perspicacity of my best friend to have leveraged this medium as a font to track the progress of his Warhammer 40k army, The Ulhfen Templars (formerly known as the Arctic Templars). As such I decided to start my own blog of work on my rival Army, The Astral Wolves (formerly known as my savings).

Its been an interesting journey to date, With us both starting our respective forces late 2009, Jon-Paul with some respectable years of model painting behind him and little old me with almost none bar a brief foray as a very young man, its needless to say that not only have our collections grown but our skills as well.

So without further ado let me introduce you to the Astral Wolves, Bane of the Space wolves, Hunted by the Wolf Templars and altogether nasty fellows to be around!
(A better picture will be uploaded soon)

As of the moment my Force utilises the Chaos Space Marine codex with a focus on Khorn, In the future however I may just switch to using the Space wolf codex (aka as the Doggie 'Dex) as its becoming very clear that they can do Chaos better than chaos can... go figure huh!

Anyway as you can see the force is predomintly Black with Red and Gold, As my fluff states that these traitors were turned by none other than Huron Blackheart from the capture of the Wolf of Fenris Battle Barge, I thought it only fitting then that they adopt the reverse of the Red Corsairs colour scheme and the iconography of the Space Wolves with a name that blends both characteristics. With out further delay I shall leave you with my fluff written so far (it is as always a work in progress) and I shall hopefully be posting again soon.

"After the end of the battle of the Wolf of Fenris, huron Blackheart gifted control of the mighty battle barge to the traitors who turned during the battle to Chaos, While few in number they had been harbouring a primal instinct deep inside them for a long time, to hunt, to kill and to taste blood. They had heard the whispering of Khorn.

Meanwhile Lukas the Trickster also heard the call of the Blood God, the years of being passed over for promotion from the ranks of the blood claws had left a bitter seed of hate, Finally he left the Space Wolves. The Traitors found him and after proving himself to be the fiercest he became their leader.

However the Astral Wolves were but few, While more chaos marines flocked to the banner of the Howling wolf every day they sought to bolster their numbers with the forces from the warp. With the patronage of the Daemon Prince, Skoll they summoned fel beasts in the form of mishapen wolves to aid them and in times of great need they have even been known to summon the great daemon wolf Fenrir."