Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Codex Blood Angel sneak peek

So due to interest I thought to give a sneak peek to the BA army im starting to work on. Its early days yet as the Astral Wolves is soaking up a lot of my time preparing it for a tourny, but in the background Im laying down the groundwork for a project thats been waiting since I was a little boy!

This is my first model and there are definitely some things I'm going to go over and redo but for the most part the colours are down.Ive yet to decide on Helmet colour for the regular assault marines but tip of the hat to codex BA with Yellow helmets is leading the charge right now.

So to give you a little background on what I'm hoping is to be a very exciting project! Many years ago (back during rogue trader days) I was given a copy of Space Crusade. In this I was given 3 codex chapters, The Ultramarines, The Imperial Fists and the Blood Angels. The fluff that came with that wonderful board game on the chapters was surprisingly detailed considering the quality of production at the time and in that fluff it was the Blood Angels that stood out as my favourite. fast forward a couple of years, being a young man I didn't have the patience, materials or the skill to paint, but paint some BA i did. It was about then that i saw my very first quartered space marine in the dark pages of a White Dwarf. Ever since then I've dreamed of being able to do such a chapter but have lacked the means or wherewithal to proceed.

So here we are, with a yet to be named Blood Angels based, Knights Templar themed army. Im planning on doing roughly 20 Assault marines, 5 Honour Guard, 5 Sanguinary guard, 2 Sanguinary priests, 2 Land speeders and my own custom built Dante for a 1500 starting point. Will this take over from the Astral Wolves? I'm not really sure but I must say Chaos has its certain charms :D

Everything here is still very much WIP, the Chapter symbol at this stage is purely rough copy but needless to say Heraldry is involved. In the coming weeks as i start the long string of conversion work that will be involved I shall endeavour to keep regular updates but until then enjoy and as always feel free to comment and drop suggestions.