Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Unit Profiles: Lord Hakon Thrydwulf

So I'm punching allot of posts out this week. The reason is I'm trying to get down allot of thoughts from the last 8 months.

Today Im going to go through the list Unit by unit and talk about some of the elements of each model and some of the approaches I took.

Ill start with some thoughts on the list entry and the options chosen and then the models and any Hobby elements I used.

Ill also use this as a format to introduce New units as well and Promise to take WIP shots as well and keep notes from now on!

I currently have about 2000 points painted and constructed and plan to take the list to 4000 points for Apoc Games.

Without any more delay then lets get started!

 Lord Hakon Thrydwulf

I spent allot of time working on different models for the wolf lord, with different weapon options. I have on occasion used some of the special characters, and while they are fun I decided to go with a standard Lord rather than use a special character.

I have had feedback that doing that hurts the competitive part of the army, but I'm inclined to disagree.

In the end I settled on a Terminator Lord with storm shield and Wolf Claw.  The weapon in question could also be used as frost weapon and I may try that combo as well in a few up and coming game.

He has the saga of Beast-slayer and a wolf tooth necklace so always hitting on 3+ in combat.

I used the lysander model as a base and custom build the wolf claw using the Sanguine Guard power fist as base. I wanted a Lightening claw similar to what you get in the Chaos lord kit but a little less bulky look.  I combined it with claws from the wolf guard power fists (yes I will butcher models to get the look I want!).  What I really liked is the sleek but still aggressive look of the lightening claw (well i think so anyway!)

The banner was the next thing I have spent allot of time on, and 1st up I'm not good at freehand.  If anyone out there could show me but for the most part I done have very poorly when I have tried.

 So I worked on using decals to achieve what I wanted instead.  I then finally got to use allot of the decal sheets I have collected as well as source some interesting ones from the web to use.

Using Vallejo Decal Medium has changed the way I look at banner painting for the free hand challenged at hand.  Applying the decal like normal, I then dab the water off with a small cloth being careful not the damage the decal and or move it.

I then load a largish brush say a 0 with the decal medium and apply it across the decal and area around the decal.

And then let it dry.  Its simple and effective and you do not get the glint off the decal paper.

Follow that up with a Humbrol Matt varnish and the banner "looks " freehand but is in-fact a decal.  True this may limit some creativity but with blank decal paper and photoshop and a printer the options are endless!

Expanding on this I then used the same approach on the back of the cloak with the cross and was really happy with the outcome.

Again the same approach and it really makes allot of the free hand challenges I was facing in earlier test miniatures a breeze.  This has really opened up some serious options for more intricate work, using graphics programs and decals to get the desired effect I'm after.

Lastly the storm shield is from forge-world, I cant get enough of their stuff and I have a Venerable Dread waiting to be painted.  Ill look at the snow effects and the weathering techniques I use when I look at the Rune Priest.

Anyway till next time.

Next post should have a battle report (Wednesday Game nights!)  then ill look at the Rune Priest.