Tuesday, October 5, 2010

So what does it take?

Ive been asking myself this question.What does it take to get ones self into the Bell of Lost souls Alliance? A lot of the blogs I follow have a membership and get really good exposure because of it and needless to say its hard enough getting exposure on the blog 'o' sphere as it is.

I must admit I am a member of the FTW alliance, which has brought many of you here and I have found many of you there... kinda like a night club except less sleazy and... well you can insert your own pun here.

So what does it take to rate? They were kind enough to leave all the requirements on their "sign up" page, I do believe I fit everyone as such and yet several emails later and not even a denial! So what have I done wrong? the widget has been sitting there for some time, I dont bad mouth and rarely use cuss words, a.k.a "Australian"

Bah maybe im just annoyed at life in general, I haven't had a game of 40k in a while now and have nothing but more tests and assignment's on the horizon. Life plods on however and I should have another Forsaken honour guard model to post up soon!

Oh in case your reading this Bell of Lost Souls guy, whomever you are. How about some love?