Tuesday, June 21, 2011

High Elf Dragon WIP 3

OK so tonight was more work on the detail around the head namely the eyes, the reins and continued work on skin tones and base coating and working on some of the gems.

 Taking the model to this point allowed me to get the leather straps done and highlighted as well the back of the throne.

These photo's show the completion of the eyes as well the beginning of work on the reins and the gems.
I used the fine graphics pen for the pupils which works wonders and I do the same on the eyes of all my models now.

Also been pottering away at these guys and will look to be getting some 40k stuff painted again soon really just want to punch out a large amount of the elves before i swing back for a spell.

Anyway another few days of painting and I hope to have the dragon done then its onto the rider and then the base