Wednesday, June 15, 2011

WIP Seaguard Update 2

Got some more completed today on the front rank- bases are done, only thing really remaing for these guys is some highlights for the blue's, gems and eyes.

All in all im really happy with the colour scheme now- and the autumn base scheme is coming out well as well - a good combination of Silfor products, namely- grass tufts- early autumn as well as maple leaves early autumn and late autumn ground cover.

I think with the strong green colours working through the army that the soft stone tones and the aumtun leaves will be a nice complement that will improve the scheme yet not detract from the main focus.

Just imagining a unit of 40 of these guys is now making me motivated to paint - but the next step is to work on one of my center piece units the dragon - the idea being to draw the same colours through him so that there is unity.

 Recently I found this company called Red Box Games -  and what I've found is some really nice models and I have promptly ordered a test model and have alse eyed off another model that may end up being a champion model for one of the units-

To be honest the scibor mage was a not a win for me when i got it , and the avatars of war  mage model is really nice an I will build and paint it but on reflection im looking for something with a little more subtlety and this guy may do the trick-

Called Svjanostroir the Seeker I really like the pose and also the expression on the elfs face, also the champion is have spied is this lad:

So if the test model works out and I'm happy with the production I may order a few items from these guys- recommend you check them out and leave a comment if you have already got something from these guys. 

One last bit If your interested in an really nice review of the magic Lore's for Warhammer can I recommend yo head on over to    he has completed a review on Fire, Life, Light and Beast Lores and Ive enjoyed the read for each and there is some sage advice in amongst those words so go check em out. 

Have a great week guys