Monday, June 27, 2011

High Elf Dragon WIP 6

So the last two days ive got allot more completed on the rider so this guy is nearly done and ill move back to another rank of seaguard and continue to build that unit, i havnt figured out what ill paint after the 2nd rank of seaguard but it may either be the lion chariot or the 1st rank of the sword masters. Ill see what takes my fancy.

Anyway here are the shots from the last few sessions of painting.

Also Ive decided I think ill grab an Great Eagle for the army that can either run amok solo or be mounted by a noble, naturally Im not inclined to toe the line when it comes to these things and for the model I choose a Great Owl (Counts as  Great Eagle) by CoolMiniOrNot which is just a wonderful model in resin.

I think it will be a fantastic model to paint and will need some work to make it so i can run it either with rider and without but, I think It will make another fantastic addition to the army combined with the Carmine Dragon.

Anyway that's it for this week I'm away on work in sunny Tasmania and will be back Friday hope to have an update for you guys in Saturday at the latest.