Saturday, June 18, 2011

High Elf Dragon WIP 1

So with the 1st rank of the sea guard completed I decided to start work on the dragon I plan to include in the final 3000 point list.

The first step was to airbrush the model black using the Vallejo black primer and then a full covering of Vallejo model air color olive green (71007).

Then after that I mixed that with about 50% of that with 50% Game Color Dark Green (72028) and airbrushed that on as well.

From there was a green wash over the body of the model and black wash over the wing components.

 The next step was to then begin the highlighting of the scales the fins and raised area's on the skin, mixing dark green with intermediate green (model color panzer series 70891) I then started to apply that and progressively mixed in some light green into the mix (Model color 70942)

 Taking the mixing to the main color of light green then i mixed in game color scorpy green (72032) and finally for the high highlight was white (model color 70951) bringing it to a main white are the extreme tip.

In essence this is very similar to what i did with the seaguard but less extreme the idea being that its not polished dragon scales as opposed to what would be polished dragon scales on the troops armor.

What I'm really excited about now is that the theme will be really strongly tied in with this center piece model.

The next step is to start working on the armor components and the throne - that should be worked on tomorrow seeing as my wife is working on a university assignment.

Anyway have a great day