Monday, June 20, 2011

40k 6th edition Rumours

Howdy folks, So its been a tumultuous time for not just myself but many of you as well,  with GW playing funny buggers in the background and giving us gamers in the southern hemisphere what can only be described as the Glasgow Kiss (for those who dont know what this is google it! but dont try it at home...). So with all that has been going on there is little brand love from myself right now, yet there lies a shining beacon of hope on the horizon! 40k 6th edition could be coming real soon!

First off I would like to direct you to the full article here at the Blood of Kittens, as I wont claim these rumours to be my own source. What I want to do however is talk about what this means for us 40k gamers and from the looks of the dedicated Chaos Space Marine players (such as myself).

* first real 6th edition codex: Codex Chaos Legions, really big release in three waves, doesn’t invalidate Codex Chaos Space Marines which gets extensive White Dwarf update as Codex Renegade Space Marines
For those interested this is my 'Confrontation Wolfen Killyox' posing as a Greater Daemon

Now this line has me interested, could this mean the return of our long lost 4th ed legions? does this mean I could actually field the Astral Wolves in their original setting? Do I want too? I'll be honest when I say that way back when (about 2 years ago...) I got into wargaming again it was the call of doing an authentic Chaos Legion and like many players who have taken CSM to a tournament you soon realise that fluff is great but actually being competitive is better! Now taking of course any rumours we hear with the usual grain of salt im not about to hedge my hopes into getting legions back or even the off chance that I can field a proper renegade force with heretics but if I could that may breathe some brand love back into the system for me!

Couple the good news with the bad on the other hand and what im seeing is perhaps a new shiny improved game system being pushed into development to offset the aggressive marketing tactics that have been employed of late, so even if the new rule set and codex's are the best thing since sliced bread who say I wont do an army with either existing stock (modifying existing models or making them from the countless spares I have accrued) or building a whole new list either from exclusively non GW models (or even the now somehow cheaper forgeworld... ) 

Either way lets hope that 6th edition does come out soon, for if nothing else it may freshen the air a little bit about stagnant armies and the usual overpower arguments, yes I know it will start a whole new bevy of internet lists and overpowering but they'll be new ones!

In other news I now have my last mid semester exam out of the way, so I find myself with 6 weeks to spare, 273 unpainted Skaven and HTML code to learn (yes I am teaching myself HTML and Php all so you the reader can have a nice site to visit!) So expect there to be more painting articles, game reports, general articles and a shiny new site full of... shiny things, you do like shiny things right? I love shiny!

Good Gaming,

Von Drakin