Thursday, June 23, 2011

Delectable Morsels.

So if you have been visiting us here at the 5th for the past few days you will no doubt have seen the work in progress shots of one very green hungry looking dragon as done by Jon Paul. Now while it looks a fearsome brute it is an animal and with that concern in mind I thought how nice would it be to ensure it a healthy diet... Enter stage left, the ratmen aka. Lunch.

So there isnt really too much to see yet, just an ever growing list of verboten grey plastic. There is 40 clanrats with spears and shields ready for paint, 42 slaves (love that number!) with spears and shields and I dont know somewhere in the vicinity of about 180 more models to assemble *sigh*

There will be more to come in the weeks ahead never fear just feel rest assured that next time Jp and I face off his dragon will have an all you can eat buffet of fresh slaves, with any luck it will fatten the beast and
slow it down!

Or I pump it full of warp lightning, no matter how mighty the creature its hard to breath with a gaping hole in your chest.

P.S to whomever it may be out there google image searching with the search phrase "Angry Viking" this is for you buddy, i mean cmon 5 hits this week alone, not to mention all the others!