Monday, June 6, 2011

High Elves WIP Seaguard

So its been a few days since my last post, Harley is currently knee deep in text books, working through his semester exams.  Myself with work going overdrive I've taken to working for about an hour and half a night slowly working away on the high elves. 

For a unit of 40 elves there is probably to much time and effort going into the models, and ill let people be the judge but the shots below are still in progress and there is allot of highlighting to go, but to be honest, with no tournament to rush to finish for, and now taking a more relaxed approach to painting, I'm not minding the slow burn, but it does make me think how long will this army really take?

Something I'm interested in for all the Warhammer players out there, how do you balance painting sometimes upwards of 150+ models and keeping a game level quality going.  Ive noticed since starting back into the Warhammer/40k aspect of the hobby that my attention to model detail has lifted and as such the time spent on blending and working through colour scheme's and that each model is the best it can be has risen.  So much so that when I go back to 15mm its seems difficult to let detail go, and that coming from Napoleonic armies where In my view it has to be the most anal period to game with all the uniform detail.

Anyway if you have some thoughts on it id be really interested in what you think write it up in the comments!

So the Elves, I must say I'm starting to really like the colour scheme now, even though I had painted two testers I was still not sure how it would look on mass, now with 6 models near completion the scheme is starting to tell me something about the overall theme in the army.

The green is probably not something you would expect for a high elf army that is usually associated with the blue white scheme, but it has a reference to when i owned a wood elf army back in 5th.

On that I finally unearthed the old wood elf dragon i Own which was broken into pieces a few years back. I plan to do a post soon on rebuilding an repainting that dragon to fit into the new high elf army (yes Harley 2 dragons!) and looking at some possible conversion for it as well once its all stripped back.

So once the the front rank of the seaguard is complete I waiting on a elf mage from scibor as well as a light elf mage from avatars of war. The idea being either one will end up being the level 2 for my army hunkered down  in the  seaguard:

So the WIP shots, I hope you enjoy the pics  :