Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Honouring great work

Hey guys, just a quick post tonight to honour the great tutorial done by Faolain on his blog Awakening Ynnead. His tutorial on how to magnetise a Skaven Screaming Bell was well laid out, showed me all the steps necessary to repeat the procedure and while I chose not to repeat this work it was because of the effort done already (the too hard basket was filled with this one). It doesn't stop there however as there are numerous tutorials on all facets of the hobby on the site, so go check it out!

In as fact I have begun to record all the great tutorials I can find with the interest of building a list for the new site when I get it up and running, If you think you too have done something great for the community and would like to ensure it gets out there why not drop me a line, I will check it out and put it on the list with full props going to the rightful authors! But how to contact me you say? why you've never posted an email up before you say... well that ends now! Contact me at bobgill13 at gmail dot com!

Additionally there will be more on my own Skaven in the near future, as I catalogue the sheer immensity that is painting 260+ models *sigh*

Good Gaming!
Von Drakin