Friday, June 10, 2011

A place to call my own

So its been a while, As you may already know I have been neck deep in mid year exams of which I only have 1 more to go in 11 days. The funny thing is I have had to escape to study from... my study! Thats right I can no longer sit in that room any longer and pretend to do anything but play with my models!
Enough with the math, its almost time to play games involving... damn it

So this got me to thinking, According to Wolframs law this surely cant be a unique situation I find myself in, with the plethora of gamers out there someone else has to have come across this "issue" before. So in the interest of idle curiosity I thought to share my... issue with all of you and see what people have to say, or at the very least expose my shame for your entertainment!

So on to the shame bit. As we all know im sure, our hobby can take a lot of space at times if you let it... Well I have a 2 desks covering 3 walls of my study and every bloody inch is sacred. Now its been a shy under 2 years since I started into miniatures but like some sort of growth its taken over a very large chunk of my life.

Honk if you love Voltron!
So this has lead me to vacate this den of procrastination and head for the safer place to study... in front of the tv. So far so good, im aceing the exams with only a minimum of time lost to a Clint Eastwood western marathon.

As you can see the place is a bit messy right now, It does go through a periodic refresh every now and then especially when im starting a new project, though bear in mind this is actually 1 month post the last sweep! I will be clearing the main desk again soon too as I now have some 273 Skaven to paint (but whos counting!) but needless to say it will look like this in a week or two as my mind flitters from one thing to the next.
When one light is not enough

Just for those who may be interested thats my homemade spray booth (2 cardboard boxs, some tight weave black cloth i found in the garage, a bathroom exaust fan and a shitload of ducttape!) It works a treat and I will post up a how to soon if there is enough interest for it.

Abandon ye all hope...
Back to the topic at hand however, Its organised chaos, yes I play Chaos at every chance I get but at times this gets too much for even me. I would love to say Its an imperfect system, I know where everything is at all times but with the size of the desk, the shelving, storage and the like I dont. This cant be a new problem by any stretch, some of you are veteran gamers/hobbyists of many years, surely you must have a system in place or some method you find to control the madness (or very tolerant partners such as myself), Hell some of you have kids no doubt, how on earth do you "child safe" this? While I dont have children no doubt its going to happen sooner or later. So feel free to drop comment on how you tackle this problem, or if you like send us some photos and we can post them up for discussion, either way im running like buggerys from this den of temptation as I still have one last exam before my Skaven break :P

Good Gaming,

Von Drakin