Sunday, June 12, 2011

WIP Seaguard Update

I was able to do a some more highlighting this week and also progress the champion to completion and test the basing idea I had as well.

The main idea is to create a look of a ruined city in the fall period so lots of fallen leaves against white stone etc. Eventually will aim to have this as the theme for the presentation board down the track.

I used some of the Silfor range to complete the effect and I must say I really like the outcome.

The other 5 guys are also closer to completion- so once they are done Ill start work on the Noble with the battle standard and the Mage.  The aim is to complete the front rank, then paint something else such as the dragon or the chariot and then comeback and paint the next rank. This way I wont get bored and feel like I'm stuck on one unit for eternity.

Also the mail showed up yesterday while i was in sydney on buisness and saw the arrival of the avatars of war and the last of the trade embargo free high elves! So more models to build Yay!

Have a great weekend