Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thy work be done.

Well its been a while since the Honour guard have had any work done to them, namely the banner bearer who until this date was the only one finished.. *cough*. But not any more, Tonight I would like to introduce you to Mercury!

Lightning effect take...4, First time I have ever tried something like this however :)

 In case your sitting there wondering to your self how on earth I painted the lightning bolt effect I'll spin you a quick rundown.

I used thick bold lines of watered down Vallejo "Dark Blue", building them up toward the center of the line in a randomish patteren. Next I took 1/1 Dark Blue and Vallejo "Andrea Blue" and built up the centre of the lines making sure I kept some of the original Dark Blue showing. Next up was pure Andrea Blue, same theory but making the lines quite thin by now. After that I used 2/1 White and Andrea blue (in whites favour) to trace out very thing lines inside the original, but this time I made sure it was a little "ragged" and even drew little bits arcing off the main line like sparks. After that it was Pure white just at key junctions to brighten up the whole effect.

Easy as pie (once you know how) and I think it gives a great look for only 3 colours. Just remember however not too put down too many original lines or too close, Less is more here and it took me 3 goes, re painting black to get the ratio right.

So the Honour guard now number 2, Vulcun and Mercury. As you might have guessed by now this fellow comes equipped with a power sword! Next up on the hit list is the Blood Champion, Mars.

In completely unrelated news im going to Japan in less than 3 weeks... YAY!! :P

As always gents good gaming!