Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A tale from the Traitor Legions

Hi there! Its Von Drakin from the Astral Wolves here! As you may know if you happen to be a reader of both this blog and my own that JP and I are indeed real life friends, who on a regular basis compete against one another in the realm of 40k. If you did not know this then you do now!

Anyway before I launch into a spiel about our current venture I would like to let you know that recently we have decided to combine efforts into this one blog in the interest of keeping you entertained! You the avid reader will be experiencing twice the content as before and who knows, maybe further down the the track we could expand that even further! maybe even by a factor of 1/2!

So over the course of about 15 months now the two of us have been delving head first into 40k aswell as other bits of hobby, we have always been interested in running some sort of narrative campaign, telling a story as you will with the fancy models we spend so much time painting! we have tried a number of different campaign systems and even toyed with making our own, but in the last few weeks we have come across the Badab War system as written by the "Fly Lords of Terra" from the Bell of Lost Souls!

So as it stands we are 1 game in and while I personally lost the first match to what can only be classed as bad decisions I love the system! Unfortunatly for you the reader we both forgot to take cameras on the day so there is now official record of the game... what a pity :P Next time I will ensure at least 1 pretty picture for you all to enjoy.

So without further Adieu let me give you the standpoint of my Traitor Legions, with any luck it will throw those imperial lap dogs into a lather!

"Atraxus was a lonely place now, after a month of slaughter, mayhem and worship to the dark gods Lufgt Huron was ready to draw in the Astartes and start his campaign of conquest once again. He was not to wait long however as a relatively new chapter "The Arctic Templars" was in close proximity to the Gythium sector.

He had laid the plans down years before this moment, With his personal warband the Red Corsairs off raiding to support this new war he found himself sitting on the captured strike cruiser Wolf of Fenris. This ship had been in the hands of the Astral Wolves for years now and it bore all the hall marks of Khorne worship, Blood stains, skulls and the softest toilet paper to be found this side of the Warp! Why these half daemon berzerk madmen wanted silky toilet paper he didn't know nor did he despite Lukas's constant fervent attempts to explain to him.

It was from here he watched as the advance elements of the Arctic Templars Ravan company made planet fall, chuckling to himself that all they would find is empty cities. After a while he sent the order to the lead units of his allies The Forsaken to make a probing attack on the enemy, test their mettle and draw back back to this second moon where they could be caught amongst the daemon traps, with any luck he would have more recruits eager to join his warband this day.

Good Gaming to you all!
Von Drakin