Friday, March 25, 2011

I'll be there

Dont worry mate I'll make it to Melbourne in Flames!

in as fact im currently just finishing off building the new models for what I hope to be my last Chaos Marine tourny, I mean lets face it with the arrival of Grey Knights on top of other great codex's and a new unnamed codex in the works my pre 5th edition Chaos Lite 'just one calorie' codex is starting to see the end of its days!

But fear not my stalwart friends the last major tourny for the Astral Wolves is going to be a blast with my new list!

So try this one on for size!

HQ: Daemon Prince (wings, Mark of Khorne)
Elite: Chaos Chosen x 5 (Asp. Champion, P.weapon, 2 x meltaguns, 2 x flamers, icon chaos glory, rhino)
Troop: Khorne Berzerkers x 9 (asp. Champ, power fist, personal icon, rhino)
Troop: Plague Marines x 6 (asp. Champ, power fist, 2 x Plasmaguns, personal icon, rhino)
Troop: Lesser Daemons x 10
Troop: Lesser Daemons x 10
H.Support: Havocs x 7 (4 x autocannons, icon chaos glory)
H.Support: Havocs x 7 (2 x autocannons, 2 x missle launcher, icon of chaos glory)

Thats 58 models at 1500pts... not bad for a marine variant! I will admit its 35 models with a 3+ save, 20 models with a 5+ invun and 3 armour 11 tanks...

So dont get me wrong, Codex: Chaos Space Marines still has some bite left, as I point out to a lot of players a 1500pt army is still a 1500 pt army... if its counter geared against your enemy is another matter but no matter what it is it should (big on should here) compete against anyone else at the same points level...idiocy or poor luck aside.

So whats in the works for my last push at chaos? well I have 10 lesser daemons to paint, 4 marines to paint, some weapons to paint and 1 nurgle champion... very doable as I push the last 3 weeks till game time. Oh I also have to write 17 programs, 2 essays and 1 major essay in that time but pffft I can do it :P

Good Gaming

Von Drakin