Thursday, March 10, 2011

A way to sell more models...

Hi, its Von Drakin here and I would like to talk to you all about what's on everyone's mind right now, Grey Knights. So by now i'm sure most of you if not all have seen the new Grey Knights release, if not go check them out! I'll wait for a minute... go on!

Ellen Ripley eat your heart out!
So let me first and foremost say "zomg so sexy!", yes thats right me a staunch bad guys player, he who sits in dark corners plotting the down fall of all that is right and good in the world wants to buy the ultimate good guys!

Well no matter what the fluff is surrounding the Grey Knights, no matter how much people say "they have never once fallen to Chaos" you can always make a story to justify anything. Personally im not all that interested in playing the codex unless of course everyone else does... and if you have seen the codex then your going to want to sit back and think what this will do to the current 'Balance' of the game.

These guys will look awesome fighting for the dark gods!
Thats right its going to blow balance out of the water! First lets take the obvious route, Daemons... well if your playing them your now at a serious disadvantage! What was considered a mid tier army will now be blown to bits by any johnny come lately with a hard on for Dread knights! So there goes one army, but whats next? Storm Ravens and Grey Knight Terminators with a 2++ save in close combat... these guys are going to be seriously hard to kill, put feel no pain on them and its going to take an average of 12 wounds to drop one... no wait your taking Paladins? well lets make that 24 wounds each shall we! Oh and they all have power weapons that give extra bonus's... dear god.

No army on the table is going to be able to withstand an onslaught like that. So you think to yourself, thats fine I will play the 2/3 missions and go for objectives, oh woops looks like I can last turn jump 30inches and contest that objective now!

So balance is going to be a huge issue, combined with the usual mistypes and misinterpretations that come standard with any new Codex release its going to be a shit fest, but for all that my god are those new models nice! I'm going to be adding (and converting) Grey Knight Terminators to my Forsaken (my renegade blood angels) at the very least!

A Furioso Dreadnought of The Forsaken
Love it or hate it, GW is going to sell a lot of new models with this one!

Good Gaming!

Von Drakin