Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Story time and pretty pictures!

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             Well its fallen to me Von Drakin to take the blog under my wing for a few days due to unforeseeable events outside of hobby/cyber space, Needless to say things are a bit hectic at the moment for Jp so his side of the story will have to wait for another day, but in the mean time your support would perk him up no doubt about it!
Go ahead, Make my day!

So first of, before I go on languidly on our narrative campaign story arc how about a little hobby to whet yon appetites!

As some of you may be aware im in the process of building a blood angels chapter, I will post a photo album soon of all my current creations but in the interim you can either view these pictures on this site or head to my soon to be decommissioned old blog The Astral Wolves! prowl on through at your leisure, there are some articles that even made into the now in hibernation "From The Warp" top ten!

So nothing huge, what we have here is the sergeant for squad 1 of the assault division for The Forsaken, like his counterparts in the squad no highlighting has been done and only basic freehand. Once the army is up and running highlights and the like will be added.

Of course the bases aren't finished nor flocked either... sigh so much work to be done! Anyway hobby bit done, now for some tales of high adventure!

           "Perfect" said Huron as he watched the display, the Forsaken 1st recon division had done exactly as planned and now with a scent of heresy in their noses the Arctic Templars were in hot pursuit of the survivors. 
"Are the Berzerkers ready Lukas?" he asked, "Frothing at the mouth a bit though you might not want to ask about the imperial reservists we recruited back on Atraxus" replied Lukas.
           Huron shook his head and chuckled, if it took a few turned imperials to get his men into a killing mood then he was willing to sacrifice the lot! Turning back to the monitors he saw the first division of Thunder Hawks launch from the imperial ships, Little did they know what lay for them on that moon, neither did they know that his ship aswell as others were in low power on the dark side waiting for the right moment to strike!

            Halhog sat watching from the battlements of the bastion as tank after tank of the Arctic Templars Wolf company came rolling up just outside firing range, Oh they know how to strut he thought but it will do them little good the Astral Wolves will show them humility. Just then he heard it, that first tell tale whistle of incoming orbital bombardment and running back inside he screamed "Make ready your guns ya filthy good for nothing turds!"
           The bombardment was a little too good however as a Land Raider with its deadly cargo of lunatics was hit directly and while none of them died as they bailed out the Death Priest knew that they would run off for the first enemy they saw! yep the ones right behind that razorwire fence on the other side of the minefield.  Even so he and several of them survived a little while longer to make the enemy pay... 
            Just at that moment though two things happened that would stun the entirety of Wolf company, A Storm Raven came screaming up behind them disgorging its troops and missiles into the rear of the armoured company and orbital strikes started to land amongst them! in the ensuing chaos very little of the strike force would survive!.

            He laughed, oh how Huron laughed. The look on their faces would have been priceless. Huron turned back to Lukas and said "Order the fleet to engage the enemy, Have the Boarding torpedos come out of cold and fire at the battle cruiser, those Lance batteries must destroyed."
"Yes my lord" Lukas replied, Huron turned back to his screen and with an afterthought said "Lukas, make sure the Imperial dogs don't make it back to the fleet, we wouldn't want to have them spoiling our fun now!"
Lukas turned and spoke into the Vox,  "Astral Wolves, you serve me proud! lets surprise the enemy at Desnarch and show them how a real Wolf fights!"

So there you have it, The stage is now set for our third battle, The Battle at Desnarch at which the Rebels will attempt to ambush the Loyalists and for game 4 The Ajax Incident, the boarding mission which will spark off the second campaign tree! its 1 all at this stage so anything can happen!

Good Gaming

Von Drakin