Saturday, March 12, 2011

Campaign Game 2, The Alamo!

Hello again dear readers! Today is a battle report post on the outcome of the second game in the Badab war sequence as laid out by the good fellows of BOLS.
Game 2... this pretty much sums it up!

First a recap, Game 1 (The Black Heart) saw a dramatic defeat of the Forsaken 1st Recon division, in a standard killpoints game. With that being said being said the Loyalists claimed two veteran abilities to assign and the Renegades 1. JP assigned his two points to both his Mortis pattern dreadnought (2 x T/L Autocannon) and his Assault Terminators, gaining Scouts and Preferred Enemy respectively. I assigned my one point to the Sanguinary Guard gaining them Stealth!

Now before I go any further I would like to point out that JP and myself have decided that we wont have static lists, we can take anything we want at the points with any 1 codex per game (until the apoc game that is) and we are to keep the lists secret. Only restrictions on this are units with Veteran abilities, once assigned an extra skill that unit is no locked down and cannot be altered!

So onto game 2, The Battle of Great Abyss! This saw us play a 1500 point game with the planetstrike ruleset, as we would both discover however this seems to need a serious rethink, another killpoints game but with the planet quake rules (pg.51 planetstrike) saw a very stagnant game, Unfortunately due to a bad funk over this game (chaos takes it grip on the loyalists hearts...) we didn't take any photos of what would be one of the more un-dynamic games yet!

So with the setup left to myself I took the standard two bastions (with no guns to be fair) and arrayed the terrain into what became known as the Alamo! Now I took a different army this time, The Astral Wolves with Forsaken air support (pretty much Death company as berzerkers). I had a total of 9 killpoints to offer, with a Landraider (STP), Vindicator, Stormraven, Land Speeder, and a selection of infantry. JP on the other hand went a full mechanised strike force (space wolf codex) with 2 dreads, a Predator (Dakka) 3 razorbacks (2 x Las/plas, 1 assault cannon) and assorted infantry.

I wont go into specific details except to say a few things. First my Stormraven came on early and stalled his advance (firing everything at a rhino that survived the lot... hurumph) the bastions proved to be unassailable, and the D3 firestorm to each player proved to be overpowered. At the end of the game it was a clear renegade victory with 7 killpoints to 12.

Anyway this game would have worked with some tweaks perhaps but for the moment we want to stay true to the system laid out to us, definitely another 1000pts would have mixed it up a little!

Anyway im going to leave it to JP to write up the story from the Loyalist point of view next! It should prove to be a ripping yarn of daring do!

Good Gaming,

Von Drakin (now aka. John Wayne)