Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Gythium Campaign game 3

Howdy! Von Drakin here with another game report on what is becoming a hotly contested matchup between Jp and I, the Gythium Campaign! As always I will include a little bit of story time at the end :)

Bloody door to door sales tanks...
But first off the bat, before we delve into the raw grit of battle, the wistful tales of heroes told and a boy and his rabid lesser daemon of fury I would like to address Jp's new idea "The painting initiative" (a newer snazzier name could be good... suggestions welcome. btw I will not accept "The newer snazzier painting initiative")

So what models do we have here... hory crap! seems for a full time uni student I actually have HEAPS of unpainted unloved mini's! Well for a start theres a whole Skaven army (half the models of my 2000pt list anyway), A daemon prince (plastic kit) an Ork Warboss on bike (forgeworld), Lufgt Huron (forgeworld) and the Tau... the Nids.... the special showcase orky biker and well it goes on...  I will assess my needs and get back to you all with my pledge!

Allrighty so lets get onto game 3!

After the failed Assault on the Astral Wolves fortress the Wolf company was forced to retreat, little did they know that a strike force of the Astral Wolves had made its way into a little industrial town called Desnarch!
The industrial town of desnarch

Desnarch, right flank
So here you can see the setup for the game, with the armoured column starting at one end trying to make its way to the other, I used my wolves (lesser daemons) with numbers written on the bottom of the bases as my ambush markers and inserted them into the town, literally all through it!

In roll the tanks...
So Jp setup two razorbacks, his Mortis pattern dread and a dakka pred at the town entrance, I setup then with my new havocs on the back line, the chaos space marines hidden on his left flank, the berzerkers hidden in the rear for the eventual push and two squads of 3 terminators on his right flank! after that he attempted to infiltrate his scouts but alas found that the enemy had overrun the town and were held on the extreme right flank.

"Im so cold sarge"said the private, "hush boy it will be over soon..."
What followed was a real cat and mouse game. Let me just say that this Ambush scenario was a lot of fun but a real head f%$# with both of us not really super sure where things were at the normal glance. Suffice to say that while Wolf company didn't take severe losses the ambush did exactly what I wanted it to do... distract! Jp although tired lost sight of the goal of escape and hung back to let his guns do the talking... all good for a standard game but with 36 inches of hard ground to get by a fatal one!

Aerial reinforcments arrive...
His scouting mortis pattern took a fatal round to the sarcophagus, and the scouts discovered what being alone really meant as they took a full load of ammunition to the face. On the other hand my MoN (nurgle) terminators discovered why its never a good idea to charge headlong at a tank, the MoK (khorne) terminators also took it in the face but held up the right flank long enough for me.

Aerial reinforcements hide!
Game 3, Rebels win! These leaves us with the first campaign tree finished at Loyalists,Rebels,Rebels respectively! Now its into the second tree and the first of what should be many interstellar boarding missions!

(Due to the length of the post, the rebel story will be brief, but the loyalists will furnish us with tales of valour no doubt!)

The distant screaming was pleasing to Lukas, his berzerkers would be kept busy for a few more days torturing the last of the prisoners from the ambush and his lord would be most happy with the outcome... he hoped. Off in the distance he could see the contrails of the Thunderhawks as they made emergency liftoffs without the benefit of a covering orbital strike. "Things must be getting busy up there for them to forget to send balloons to the party" he chuckled to himself. 
The Defiler likes to watch from his alcove... note to self, Defilers are creepy dudes...

All of a sudden his vox blared jarring him from his good mood "Lukas get your arse back topside, we have work to do" crackled the voice of Huron. Shaken from his good humour Lukas strode off to kill the first thing he saw, friend or foe... killing always made things seem so much... fluffier and nicer... just like nice toilet paper!

Onward bound, lets see what the Loyalists have to say!

Good Gaming!

Von Drakin