Thursday, March 24, 2011

Melbourne in Flames and Lords of Terra Invitational.

Well the with the campaign progressing nicely  (The loyalists will have their revenge I can assure of that!) there are a few tournaments coming up in the coming months Namely Melbourne in Flames, SDW, Kill Count and Lords of Terra Invitational.

The coming series of tournaments will probably represent my season of tournaments for the year 2011 until Arcannacon.

The interesting part to me is the Lords of Terra Invitational, I didn't even know till someone at the FLGS (Realm of Legends) let me know that I had qualified for the invitational.  Being that I had finished in the top 10% of a major tournament - this being Arcannacon 2011.

So during July I'll look to wind my way up to Sydney if the schedule allows for it, probably bring the wife so she can visit family and kill the credit card :P and partake in a national tournament.  It looks like there will be a strong showing from all the states so it should be interesting.  Contrary to normal behavior ill promise to take allot of photo's and ensure there is a blog entry that records that event.

In the meantime Melbourne In Flames is coming up and by next week lists decisions need to be made and a final painting push will need to be organized.

This will be my first outing at this tournament and I wont be taking the trusted Space Wolves. I recently decided as much as I like the codex I think I prefer the Blood Angles style of play so Ill be taking the boys in their new form as a BA force.

Harley (Drakin) went last year and noted he had a real blast, and hes currently trying to decided if he can make it this year.  Personally think he should come but there you have it.

Anyway the list, on Tuesday a few tests games with a possible list while not resulting in an actual win saw some very promising results- with some very valid feedback in terms of some gaps.

So the list I worked with was as follows:

HQ Reclusiarch In Terminator Armour

Assault Terminators 3x Thunder Hammers 2x Lightening Claws

Assault Squad 1 5 Marines 1 x Power Fist 1 x Meltagun- Razorback with LasPlas

Assault Squad 2 5 Marines 1 x Power Fist 1 x Meltagun- Razorback with LasPlas

Death Company x5  with 4 Power Weapons and 1 Thunderhammer in a Razorback with twinlink Heavy Flamers

Furioso Dreadnaught - Frag cannon and Heavy Flamer

Stormraven - Hurricane Bolters, Assault Cannon and Multimelta.

So the above come to 1500, its small in numbers and has some very hard hitting units but is also potentially weak and can be undone from what I can see.

The key area that its missing from what I can see and some of the feedback is psychic defense. which will probably see me swap the Reclusiarch for a Librarian in terminator Armour with a Storm Shield, but i'm not sure what powers I should Take.

I guess with the advent of the Grey Knight Codex it makes sense but I'll try and get a few test games in later this week to see where it takes me. 

The other area was around the use of the stormraven,  its new and interesting and I'm scouring the web for tactics for this interesting delivery system. Thus far the flat out move in the 1st turn or in from reserve with the twin linked multi-melta attempting to take out the target tank for a turn 2 assault if it survives that is.  

So with this little ramble I need to get back to totaling what I need to pledge to paint and then get to work on getting this tournament army ready.