Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Gythium War

The Gythium Campaign.

Harley and I finally found a campaign tree we like and have resolved to play a campaign game to add a narrative to our gaming.

Using the excellent  Badab War Campaign resource created by the Bell of Lost Souls Team we will use the tree campaigns as a way of playing out our own.

The Gythium Campaign Setting 

The Gythium System , near the Gates of Varl In Segmetum Ultima recently reported increased shipping raids by renegade astrates calling themselves the Astral Wolves, more commonly known as the Warhounds of Huron.

While not a significant event in itself considering the closeness of the Maelstrom to the area, the presence of supporting "loyal" Astrates called the Foresaken has raised the interest of the Inquisition. Unable to deploy to the sector due to resources commited to the Cadia gate the Arctic Templar Crusade Fleet on return from a cleansing mission in the Artaxata hive worlds, has been redirected to the sector to locate and determine the scale of the potential Hersey and neutralize the threat.

The crusding fleet of the Arctic Templars comprised the two great companies of the the Wolf Lord and the Raven Lord (Wolf and Raven companies).

Lord Haldor "the wold" had operational command of the task force at the beginning of the campaign.

Upon arriving in the Gythium sector on the outskirts of the planet Atraxus Raven Company deployed a recon force in strength to determine the location of possible renegade operations, and was able to predict a raid by renegade forces on the star port Helenium on the surface of Atraxus.

The scene was set for the opening salvo's of the protracted campaign.

(so i will leave it there for Harley to write small piece from the renagade's perspective and then I'll add a loyalist's point of view hope you enjoy it!)