Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Atraxus: The 1st draw of blood

The impact of the drop pod always sent a shiver through Sergent Iuventius's servo leg, the feeling clearly a false register from the flesh that was once there, a latent memory.

The explosive bolts fired and the doors of the drop pod fired open. Squad Iuventius advanced into a desolate and empty city.  To their left a larger drop pod also impacted and from within Ancient Germanicus walked out, the Mortis Pattern Autocannons tracking from the left and right on the ancient dreadnought looking for targets. A small discolored piece of what seemed to be toilet paper fluttered passed on the breeze as the machine moved through the wreckage of lander advancing towards Squad Iuventius.

Iuventius opened his vox channel
"Squad tactical formation alpha nine, Germanicus secure the left, we'll locate Sqaud Curius"
"Duty and Honour" Germanicus turned to his task as the drop pod of Squad Atilius also impacted and deployed to thier north.

"Late again Atilius, welcome to the party" Iuventius commented as he and his squad took up positions in the lower level of a damaged hab block.

"Gaius, I'm just making sure you don't need your arse saving" Atilius chuckled back.
"Are our friends here?"
Gaius Iuventius was about to answer when Germanicus cut over the vox.

"Hostile Astrates Craft bearing on our location, engaging target inform the Raven."
The vox cut out and the heavy report of 4 auto cannons replaced the silence of the abandoned city.

"Looks like our guests have arrived, lets give them a warm welcome" Gaius closed his vox, raised his bolt pistol and fired at the newly arrived guests.

Well as we reported the game was a victory to the loyalist faction,  what basically happened was that the Mortis dreadnought felled the stormraven on the 1st turn.  Then on my 2nd turn due to poor placement of an assault squad my raven and assault terminators deployed and destroyed that sqaud and then started to role the rest of the flank.

The game pretty much concluded with the heretics falling back and the loyalists securing the drop site and confirming the heresy that was taking place.

Anyway next game we play as promised we will have pictures and some more development of characters !